Dec 262016

Frenchman and long time Electro House/Complextro producer M.A.D.E.S has returned with a new split EP, together with Spanish trio Knightbots who debut both on here and on JST Records. “Awakening” is the title of the EP and M.A.D.E.S‘ new original and if the Outrun, Synthwave and 80’s/retro influences were present in the French artist’s previous works this time he has gone full “retro” and left behind the more Electro House/Complextro sound he was previously known for. Great atmosphere, flow and sound on “Awakening” which stays slightly on a more Dark Synth side. The second track on this split EP by Knightbots combines 80’s mood with a hard French Touch/Electro sound (reminiscent of older Justice, sebastiAn and of course Dizkodeath) . A nice overall EP which definitely serves as nice follow up to M.A.D.E.S‘ “Return” EP and taking the French artist towards a new Syntwave sound and nice debut for Knightbots as well so check this one out. Continue reading »

Jun 242016

It might have been a while since we heard any new music by M.A.D.E.S but finally the French artist is back with a new EP titled “Return” and well, not only it’s very suitably titled but also a fine comeback for him. Including 3 originals as well as remixes by Irving Force, Hijack Da Bass and Alminia “Return” was out on JST Records on June 20th. Moving somewhere between Electro House, Complextro and Synthwave/Outrun, the 3 originals strike the right balance between heavy basslines and melodic parts (more on the melancholic and dark side rather than on the EDM though) while each of the 3 remixes adds something new to the release. Irving Force‘s rocker definitely focuses more on the 80’s side of things and pushes the original to its limits (just like an 80’s “action packed” movie would), Hijack Da Bass delivers an Electro House hard hitter you’d expect from him while finally the newcomer Alminia adds some flavor and closes the release in afunkier and lighter tone. Continue reading »

Dec 172014

Staying in the dark side of the Electronic music (what a surprise!) and going on with a video by our beloved on Metalectro Frenchmen Christine for the track “Gonna Fear Now” which is available as a free download. And as if a new track by Christine isn’t exciting news already, “Gonna Fear Now” came with a new video too and all those fans of the duo’s aesthetics and style are going to love this one. Horror movie themes with a retro feel, serial killers and gallons of bloody fun, all the ingredients that make a great Christine video are there and the same goes for the track too.  Hard Electro with amn 80’s dark synthwave touch and the characteristic Christine sound, “Gonna Fear Now” is razor sharp and dangerously fun to look at and listen too. So here comes the official video for it and if you enjoy this but somehow you aren’t familiar with these Frenchmen you better get your act together and go check out the rest of their music and videos too!

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Nov 252014

Another release that has definitely stood out so far this week is by the French up and comer and super talented artist that goes by the name M.A.D.E.S. So far M.A.D.E.S has been featured a few times here with some free tracks and has been mentioned for his collaborations with Blaster and official remixes for Dizkodeath and most recently Beef Theatre. All impressive work and definitely paving the path for an official release, which as it was expected followed on the London (UK) based JST Records. And if there is one thing we can say with absolute certainty is that M.A.D.E.S didn’t disappoint. Atmospheric and powerful at the same time the 2 originals move between orchestral hard Electro and Electro House with a touch of Complextro. Full of energy and great melodies, the youngster from Lille is the perfect meeting point between Outrun/80’s Electro feel and a more contemporary Electro sound, a perfect mix of Kavinsky and F.O.O.L if you like and you need some references to some more known artists. As for his debut EP “Requiem”, besides the 2 perfect examples of what M.A.D.E.S is capable of in the 2 originals the EP comes with 2 remixes too by GoingNuts and No Fake? who both gave the tracks a Dubstep twist. Definitely a release to check out and even more definitely an artist to keep your eyes and ears on as we are more than certain that this is only the beginning!

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Nov 112014

Another new  release we were really looking forward to since it was announced about a month ago was Beef Theatre‘s comeback single “Lazertag”, released just yesterday on Jet Set Trash. It’s been a while since the duo had an official release out so the news of them joining JST Records and working on on a new single were definitely well received on this blog, as well as many of their fans and hard Electro fans out there in general. Besides, the duo has a long story and very rich in hard Electro background and this move to the London based kabel seemed like a fitting move. Staying true to their roots, Beef Theatre stayed on the Electro side of things and made sure that besides lazers, their new single “Lazertag” has some nice energy and bass too. “Lazertag” also features a couple of remixes though, with Troublegum going for a nice Drum & Bass/Drumstep remix and M.A.D.E.S doing what he does best, great atmospheric orchestral Electro House/Complextro with plenty of energy to power up a city block (at least). Definitely a very nice release that puts back on the map for good these hard Electro veterans who go by the name Beef Theatre so you should definitely check this one out!

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