Mar 312015

March has been one of those months that have been very kind to us with too many great tracks and releases coming by a great deal of artists/labels and since posting them all one by one would seem almost impossible we have decided to pick some of our favorite bass monsters released during the month in a 5 track selection that will melt your face with the massive drops and huge badass sound it includes. So fasten your seatbelts and lets get nasty, starting with Downlink & Twofold‘s collaboration original titled “Darkside”, out on Uplink Audio a couple of weeks ago. Some machine gun bass and filthy Dubstep to open the day with and if this one doesn’t melt your face it will certainly give you bloody eardrums and soften you up for our next track pick so check it out and keep reading/listening. Continue reading »

Mar 302015

It’s been almost one month already since the release of BAR9 & Phase One‘s collaboration single “Why They Need Us” on Firepower Records and actually it’s been a while since we had any post from either artist or label here so lets do something about that right now. For those of you who are into both melodic and hard hitting Dubstep but somehow and for whatever reason haven’t checked out “Why They Need Us” yet please stop whatever you’re doing for five minutes because you really need to check it out. The UK and Australlian based artists came together to deliver a tune which not only fits perfectly well with what we’re accustomed to hearing from Firepower Records and the specific artists but should also leave all fans and those familiar with the artists sound and style happy and satisfied to the max. Check it out! Continue reading »

Mar 302015

Going on with one more new release that those of you following artist social media closely must have no doubt been looking forward to since the first teasers and previews, we know we have at least! Far Too Loud‘s “Cocktails Of Awesome” EP is out on No Tomorrow Recordings since a week ago including 3 remixes of some Far Too Loud favorites by Michael White, Trumpdisco and 501 as well as a VIP mix of “Trailmixing” and boy (or girl – depending on your gender) aren’t these awesome indeed!? Starting with a huge remix by the lesser known but not entirely new to our ears Michael White who literally dropped a massive Electro House bomb full of energy with his remix of “Drop The Bomb”, this release sets high standards from the opening second and keeps them high right to the very last. Trumpdisco follows second with a more raw and bass heavy remix of “Light Sticks” and if you ever wondered what the result of Far Too Loud and Trumpdisco working together could sound like, here’s your answer right here. Last but not least come 501‘s Trap/Dubstep hybrid remix of “Doomsday Machine” to spice things up and add some variety to the release and of course the VIP mix of “Trailmixing” by Far Too Loud himself which comes to wrap up what is a killer release with lots of power and some high octane Drum N Bass. Continue reading »

Mar 302015

After a much needed short break from blogging we’re back as of today and as expected when taking time off we have plenty of fresh new bassy electronic music coming since good music doesn’t wait. So time to catch up with what we’ve missed the last couple of weeks, starting with the release of the debut SBCR (Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo aka The Bloody Beetroots) EP released on Dim Mak a couple of weeks ago. 5 new original tracks, out of which 4 are collaborations with Razihel, Moon Bounce and Eliza Bee & His Majesty Andre plus “The Grid” which we have already posted and talked about before in a previous post. Overall a pretty enjoyable release and debut for the hard Electro scene legend Sir Bob, including tracks more reminiscent of The Bloody Beetroots older sound and some more “fresh” sounding ones and if anyhing he proves it doesn’t matter what name he’s releasing music under there is always a lot to look forward to in his new releases and sets the bar high right from the start for his SBCR project.
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Mar 182015

It’s wasn’t very long ago when Liam Howlett said in an interview that The Prodigy new album will wipe the floor with dance DJs and as we’re getting closer to the official release date of “The Day Is My Enemy” (March 30th) and more tracks are becoming available to listen to the more we actually begin to understand and believe that statement to be true. Just a few days ago another original track from “The Day Is My Enemy” made its appearence on YouTube, titled “Wall Of Death” and well, lets just say that this is some kickass, rude and violent Electronic music with bad attitude, the sort we love here and have definitely been missing the last few years from the bigger “hard” Electronic music acts. And as if that wasn’t enough, the KillSonik remix of “Wild Frontier”, which was apparently co-written by KillSonik and The Prodigy has also made it’s public debut bringing back officially the UK based duo, who is hopefully are going to stay productive and more music will follow from them soon. Continue reading »