May 062015

A release that many will be definitely be looking forward to is Nero‘s “The Thrill” and of course when a name of the size and statue of Nero has a new or upcoming release, the expectations, anticipation and hype around it make it really hard to miss, especially when the release comes with a remix by Porter Robinson too which took over most electronic music blogs immediately after going live. Now the full release has been made available publicly for streaming and while most blogs and music sites were ecstatic with Porter Robinson‘s remix of “The Thrill” which undoubtedly is a remix of both quality, musical intelligence and creativity, it was another remix that alongside the orignal mix really stood out for us from Nero‘s upcoming EP. Canadian artist Rene La Vice literally transformed the original into a beautiful, heavier and darker Drum N Bass hymn which is worth all the hype and love it will possibly receive. Definitely one to check out but here’s the full release for you listening pleasure. Continue reading »

May 062015

For all Dubstep fans and heavy bass enthusiasts today (or actually yesterday to be more precise) turned out a great day in terms of new releases and one that we quite enjoyed is Dubscribe‘s new EP “Hyper Galaxy”, as is usually the case with the Japanese artist’s releases anyway. Out on Uplink Audio, the EP comes with 4 originals which follow in the footsteps of Dubscribe‘s past work, meaning heavy bass, aggressive riffs, lots of energy and great production. If you’ve enjoyed Dubscribe‘s previous releases then there’s absolutely no reason whatsoever not to enjoy this one too so make sure to check it out if you’re after some new loud Dubstep sounds. Continue reading »

May 052015

revenge-of-the-5thSo, following all the “May the 4th” jokes that took over social media yesterday it’s our turn to have some fun, dark side style, so here comes our “Revenge Of The Fifth” track selection including 5 tracks that we loved during April and think all heavy bass maniacs among you will love too. 5 original tracks from 5 different artists/releases and a mix of Electro, Dubstep and well, Zardonic who if anything transcends Electronic music boundaries and sub-genres more often than not while staying loyal to the Metalectro sound. As for the other four tracks we have chosen to exact our revenge with, Megalodon, Downlink & Terravita, Belzebass and BAR9 are all names that need no introductions and are more than qualified to ruin your neighbor’s day while making yours.
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Apr 232015

For all fans of the heavy/trashy Electro sounds as well as all those getting tired of the same (Dubstep/Drumstep) sound which so many artists go for nowadays we have some good news coming, since Your Ol’ Lady‘s debut album is now out on German label Mähtrasher Records. Those of you familiar with the Australlian artist or label should pretty much know what to expect and let us tell you that this is some fine, raw, bass-heavy Electro House. No surprise though since Your Ol’ Lady has been doing this exact thing for enough years already and “Retrogade” has to be some of his best work. 8 tracks, with a couple collaborations with label regular Kroyclub and Ivarr among them, which bring together all those sounds and styles you expect on Mähtrasher Records releases by combining the heavy bass Electro/Electronica sound with House or Techno elements spiced up with an extra pinch of “weird and crazy”, which Your Ol’ Lady has always been adding to his music anyway. European sound at its fullest and an album all fans of those styles should definitely check out. Continue reading »

Apr 212015

The Unique Yagark - Overcoming Pain_CoverFor those who like their Electro dark and Electronica bassy, Russian duo The Unique Yagark should be an artist name they should start familiarising themselves with. Following in the footsteps of artists like Proxy and Trumpdisco these guys are constantly getting weirder (in a good way) while staying busy by constantly coming up with new material. Mixing pretty much everything from Neuro and House to Electronica and Trap, their music keeps evolving, sometimes moving to a more club/dancefloor oriented directrion and other times to a strictly non-club but yet fun to listen to one. And when they offered us their new EP “Overcoming Pain” as a free download exclusively on Metalectro we were of course happy to oblige since we like our Electro dark, weird, bassy and rowdy and these 2 originals fit the description perfectly well. Check’em out and grab’em! Continue reading »