Jun 242016

It might have been a while since we heard any new music by M.A.D.E.S but finally the French artist is back with a new EP titled “Return” and well, not only it’s very suitably titled but also a fine comeback for him. Including 3 originals as well as remixes by Irving Force, Hijack Da Bass and Alminia “Return” was out on JST Records on June 20th. Moving somewhere between Electro House, Complextro and Synthwave/Outrun, the 3 originals strike the right balance between heavy basslines and melodic parts (more on the melancholic and dark side rather than on the EDM though) while each of the 3 remixes adds something new to the release. Irving Force‘s rocker definitely focuses more on the 80’s side of things and pushes the original to its limits (just like an 80’s “action packed” movie would), Hijack Da Bass delivers an Electro House hard hitter you’d expect from him while finally the newcomer Alminia adds some flavor and closes the release in afunkier and lighter tone. Continue reading »

Jun 232016

Muzzy‘s “F Minor Factory” almost slipped unnoticed through our radars somehow but our bass detection systems finally detected it and we’re quite happy they did. Released on Monstercat about a month ago, the UK artist’s new EP comes with 4 original tracks moving somewhere between Electronica, Dubstep and Drum & Bass. A well thought of, nicely flowing release combining Drum & Bass rhythms with more melodic parts, EDM-ish hooks and even powerfull guitar fueled ragers, “F Minor Factory” can get you off your ass and right into the pit/dancefloor while at the same time it can suck you in with its more atmospheric parts. Definitely a fun to listen to and well produced EP with the highlight being “Play”, which minus some vocal parts would make an ultimate banger (but it still rocks anyway). Continue reading »

Jun 222016

Long time favorite French duo Christine is back with a brand new single and video to go along and we couldn’t me more excited about it. “Howling Wave” is out through Mouton Noir Records since the 17th of June and let us say is some of the duo’s best work as of late.  A mix of dark Synthwave, French House and hard Electro, Christine‘s new single from their upcoming album is equally groovy and horrifying, following the long tradition the duo has with drawing inspiration from mind twisting themes, in both their music and videos that is. And “Howling Wave” is of course no exception. The Carpenter-esque aesthetics seen throughout the video (directed by Alexis Benoit and produced by Phantasm) are of course a perfect fit for Christine‘s music and as long as you don’t mind a little bit of paranoia caused by constantly chaning and unfulfilled desires then this is definitely one you’re going to enjoy. Continue reading »

Jun 172016

Next up we have something huge coming and well, how could it not be huge when it’s a compilation album celebrating three years of Blackout Music? Yeah, you read that right, a remix album consisting of Blackout artists remixing other Blackout artists and we could stop writting right at this point since you know this is going to be a face melt. And if you are not convinced just take a look at the track list, where some of the hottest Drum And Bass artists come together to remix each other (Black Sun Empire, Pythius, Telekinesis, Neonlight, State Of Mind and the list goes on). Out on June 17 this is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most highly anticipated releases of the year since all tracks are… well, to put it simply “fire”. Non-stop energy and bass which we guarantee will squeeze your brain and hit you in the face so hard that you won’t be able to stop moving. Should we even say “check it out”? We shouldn’t have to so just press play. Continue reading »

Jun 152016

Following some consecutive “fresh blood” posts and music by artists we only came accross recently for the first time, it’s finally time to get back to some old nasties and bass maestros. Besides, you know that when Mähtrasher Records regulars aUtOdiDakT, Kroyclub, YOL (Your Ol’ Lady) and Trumpdisco come together to form “Team Bass” good things are about to happen. Five collaboration originals by the four artists who once again delivered a monster bass Electro release, like one would expect by them but then again what were the odds they wouldn’t? For those long time fans of “Team Bass” you might get surprised by the inclusion of a Trap track as well on the release, although to give credits where due, it’s not the usual generic Trap and it still maintains the character and sound which defines the label and artists. Good stuff no doubt, especially when good heavy Electro is getting so hard to come by nowadays. And while Europe is cheering for their favorite football national teams these days we’ll stick to our own passion and cheer for our favorite team. Bring it home “Team Bass”! Continue reading »