Nov 232017

Toronto based trio Odonis Odonis is back with its fourth album “No Pop”, which was out last month via Felte Records. Noisy and dark (as expected), the trio is taking a more direct yet minimal approach with these 9 new songs, leaving their more aggressive “punky” sound behind (but not too far). Continue reading »

Jun 222017

Things have been pretty quiet lately over here since between enjoying summer and other responsibilities staying on top of our blogging is becoming increasingly harder but every now and then a new release comes along and with it the need to write/talk about it re-emerges as well. Phuture Doom‘s sophomore album “II” definitely falls into that category of new music (for our taste at least) and here we are making our return from a quite a long and much needed break too. Continue reading »

Apr 262017

Belgium based artist Neoslave debutted on French Synthwave label Lazerdiscs Records a couple of weeks ago with an EP titled “Blood Arcade” and well, being unaware of the artist’s work so far it definitely seemed to sit well with us and leave a very good impression, to say the least. Of course for anyone following the label this EP shouldn’t come as a surprise since it ticks all the imaginary boxes and fits quite well with the label’s fast growing Synthwave catalogue and expanding roster. Continue reading »

Mar 292017

France based Electro artist M.A.D.E.S is no stranger to this blog and we’ve always enjoyed most music coming by him as he has undoubtedly shown great promise as well as an ability to write and produce nice music. A few months ago the Frenchman decided to move on from his Electro House/Complextro background and follow his natural inclination for creating atmospheric and melody driven Electro and let his creative impulses run free and wild, which eventually lead to Synthwave. Continue reading »

Mar 242017

Time to put the pedal to the metal and live up to our name as Metalectro, with who else than Master Boot Record of course? Because what’s best than a song that combines Electronic and Metal music? Well, how about a brand new 9 original track album (7 + 2 bonus tracks available on Bandcamp)? The album is titled “C​:​\​>COPY *​.​* A: /V” and is the Italian artist’s fifth album since Setpember 2016. Continue reading »