May 272016

Andreas Rund is a name we only came accross very recently (as in about a couple of weeks ago) and istantly fell in love with his deep and dark music. Taking a closer and more careful look of course we realised the Czech Republic producer wasn’t as “new” as we initially thought. Formerly know as Atrey, the artist has gone through a complete transformation (this isn’t just a cheap and quick paintjob) and it’s definitely a very interesing one too. Released via Owl Vision‘s imprint Comorbid Records, “Gemini” is Andreas Rund‘s first EP under his new alias. Three original tracks moving somewhere between dark Electronica, House and even darker Techno with a clean, deep yet heavy sound this is definitely a debut that sets the bar pretty high for Andreas Rund and can be enjoyed both in a club with some early morning “burnout” sessions or at home. We will definitely be keeping an eye and ear out for Andreas Rund in the future but for now we’re just going to leave you check out his debut EP “Gemini”. Continue reading »

May 242016

When it comes to artists who constantly keep impressing with their work, whether it’s the music, videos or overall “packaging” of their music and presence, Perturbator has been at the very top (together with a few others) for a while now. The Frenchman isn’t only a frontrunner of the Dark Synthwave “neon apocalypse” we’ve been going through lately but one of those artists who have lead the assault for a while now. His fourth album “Uncanny Valey” was out on Blood Music a few weeks ago (and not in 2112 A.D as the rumours had it) and besides the impressive packaging (vinyls, CDs, bonus material and lots of cool artwork) which is guaranteed to earn some extra points it’s the actual music itself that makes it such a complete album. Continue reading »

May 202016

Weekend is coming and once again we thought we’d come up with a track selection for you to get the party started. From Indie Dance to Electronica and Electro to Drum & Bass here’s what’s on our playlist heading into the weekend and we certainly hope you enjoy the tracks too. Please note that some of the tracks are only available as previews on Soundcloud and one of them is actually only available on Spotify for the time being, so we recommend checking out the full playlist on Spotify rather on Soundcloud. Pick your poison and have a great weekend y’all!

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May 202016

Turbo KillerCarpenter Brut is an artist whose name you should know by now and if not you have some serious homework and listening to do. It’s no secret we have loved his work here on Metalectro before his rise to Synthwave stardom as his music was always hard hard, cool, inspired and of a very high standard. And now he has equally great visuals (if not even greater) to go along with it too. The video for “Turbo Killer” (written and directed by Seth Ickerman) was out a few months ago and well, simply put is probably the most awesome and visually stunning video (music or not) we, you and everyone else have seen and will see in a while. In case you have somehow missed it until now we don’t want to spoil the fun and jawdropping action that comes with it so we’ll stop here. Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy! Continue reading »

May 192016

It’s been a while since I posted anything by Mantis here (even before the much needed break I took from blogging) but the Atlanta boys are finally back as they had a new EP out about a month ago. Truth be told I find myself being very picky and generally speaking not impressed by most Dubstep that goes around these days as it all seems to boil down to high standard productions (nevermind the whole presets/samples argument) but less and less originality and well, feeling. This doesn’t seem to be the case with Mantis“Avidity” though as the boys didn’t hesitate to go hard, like they always did anyway since the beginning. The nice mix of Drum & Bass and heavy Dubstep (you might even wanna call it Metalstep or Deathstep if you’re into that sort of thing) and thankfully the absence of the classic Hybrid Trap track, “Back Again” comes as close to Hybrid Trap you’ll listen from Mantis on this EP (and that isn’t close enough), certainly earned “Avidity” quite a few extra points in my book. Add the well thought of track order which gives a nice flow and album feel instead of a “random tracks placed on the same release” feel and here we have it. A Dubstep release that isn’t as predictable as most Dubstep releases going around nowadays and definitely worth checking out. Continue reading »