Jan 262017

The good people over at Lazerdics Records are gracing us once again with their presence on our cyberspace (for the second in the last couple of weeks), this time with a new LP coming by Calgary, Canada, based artist Stilz who appears for the first time ever on Metalectro but hopefully not the last. The Canadian artist had his new album released a couple of weeks ago (January 13) including 11 tracks, 9 of them being originals and the remaining 2 remixes/VIP versions. Admittedly Stilz‘ “Starcrash” took a while to grow on us since we were skeptical about it for some time (truth be told), although after a few listens its more stripped down, atmospheric Synthwave approach and 80’s Electronica influences finallyfound their place on our playlists, ears and hearts. A musically mature and nicely produced album, “Starcrash” might not be the best fit for those looking for over the top 80’s Synthpop or heavy and dark Synthwave but should definitely earn a lot of points with any and all of you who are after a well produced, well thought of and straight to the point album which delivers an all out Electronic experience through its simplistic approach.



  1. […] most definitely qualifies as a nice album at least. The album also features a guest appearence by Stilz as well as three remixes by Emmett Brown, Takahashi Jones and Crockett who are all adding their own […]