Feb 212017

French duo Christine grace us with their presence once more on Metalectro and of course the release of their LP “Atom From Heart”, which was out a few days ago on Uprise Music. The album consists of eleven original songs, with eight of them being brand new and previously uheard ones with the rest three being the two lead singles/videos “Howling Wave” and “Drama” (feat. T La Rock) plus an instrumental versionof “Drama”. A lot can be said about the album and Christine in general and those familiar with the duo’s musical carreer should probably already know that these Frenchmen like to keep things fresh and always groovy by maintaining a certain degree of diversity on their releases and combining influences that range from Rock to Electro and Hip-Hop to Techno or Funk to Synthwave and pretty much everything in between. Something that on one hand makes it pretty hard to put Christine‘s music in a box and label it under any specific sub-genre of Electronic music and at the same time makes the duo one of the most musically interesting Electronic acts out there. And “Atom From Heart” is an excellent example of that. For some of the old-school Christine fans who prefer the duo’s darker and harder Electro days “Atom From Heart” might feel slightly lighter in terms of mood and sound, although they will definitely feel right at home with the heavy hitters and dancefloor burners of the album like “Maniac”, “Error 218” and “Loose”. As for everyone else and especially for those discovering Christine‘s music now, you will definitely find a lot to like on “Atom From Heart”. We most certainly did!