Here you can find all the Metalectro releases, mostly compilations curated, compiled and/or put together by the Metalectro crew (there will be a few of them coming actually). Of course, Metalectro is a blog so all the releases found here are through labels that were kind enoguh and willing to support our musical taste and banging sounds. Also check this page for any news regarding future Metalectro releases. A huge thank you to everyone backing up our ideas and efforts and of course the artists!!! KEEP IT LOUD!!!

Metalectro Vol.04 “Demons Roar” (VA)

Metalectro Vol.04_FB Cover

From Dubstep to Death Electro, Glitch Hop and almost everything in between, Metalectro Vol.04 will knock you off your feet from the very first seconds and opening lyric “destroy” to the very last and closing lyric “attack”. This isn’t Festival EDM but earthshaking electronic music that will make you go wild and drive you out of your mind, check at your own risk!

Metalectro Vol.03 “Hellbound” (VA)

The time has finally come and digital hell is once again about to about to breat loose and bring mayhem upon this world! Metalectro Vol.03 “Hellbound” is out and it was about time too since it’s been almost a year since Metalectro Vol.02 “Danger Zone”! We’re back though with Vol.03 and thanks to Jet Set Trash, Andy’s iLL, aUtOdiDakT, La Musique D’Ordinateur, Q.G. and Wasa3i we’re louder than ever! 13 original collaboration tracks between the artists mentioned above and Knooper, Dies Irae, Flesh, Oxylice, Laforcah, Leiden, Raging Raven, Beatbender, Hypomaniacs, Hijack Da Bass, Eris, Raupe and Patient Zero and i guess it’s safe to say this is one of the hardest releases 2013 has to offer! So, crank your speakers up, press play and mosh like there’s no tomorrow!

Metalectro Vol.02 “Danger Zone” (VA)

Metalectro Vol.02 “Danger Zone”, is now out on Jet Set Trash and those of you who’ve been waiting for all digital hell to break loose you can now give your neighboors hell of the loudest nature! 20 guitar fuelled original bangers, picked by Haezer, Le Castle Vania, Jet Set Trash and myself. If you like the idea of AC/DC turning electro or Daft Punk teaming up with Slayer and Sepultura, then this is for you! From classic electro to pure evil and filthy distorted monsters, here’s “Danger Zone”! Having already reached at #22 of the Beatport Top 100 Electro House Releases chart and being supported by You Killing Me, Karetus, Nadisko, A.G.Trio, Beatbender and more “Danger Zone” has been a great success! Thank you all for the support! Love & headbanging to all!!!

Metalectro Vol.01 “Electrohead’s Nightmare” (VA)


The first official release by the Metalectro blog is now finally out!!! Metalectro Vol.01 “Electrohead’s Nightmare” is a 13 track compilation put together by Metalectro and released by Jet Set Trash records!!! A big thank you to everyone involved in this release and mostly to the artists for giving me these great tracks, Jet Set Trash records for making the release possible and Cosmic Sand for the great artwork!!! What started as a dream almost turned into a nightmare but now my nightmare is upon you! Featuring tracks by Rocket, Cosmic Sand, Hack The System, Spunker, Rubber Spanner, Gör FLsh, SKΛNEK, SNOB Electro Sounds, SAWAGii, Guess Watt, Ascii Demon, Aaren Reale and Owl Vision!!! It is compiled to be heavy, aggressive and dirty so check it out and support these artists!!! PLAY IT LOUD!!!

A lmited number of CDs (100) of Metalectro Vol.01 “Electrohead’s Nightmare” were also printed and are available now through Jet Set Trash for 9.99 GBP (including postage fees, shipping, etc…) so if interested and want a copy send us an email with your details (address, name, number of CDs you want, etc.) on on