Mar 242017

Time to put the pedal to the metal and live up to our name as Metalectro, with who else than Master Boot Record of course? Because what’s best than a song that combines Electronic and Metal music? Well, how about a brand new 9 original track album (7 + 2 bonus tracks available on Bandcamp)? The album is titled “C​:​\​>COPY *​.​* A: /V” and is the Italian artist’s fifth album since Setpember 2016. Continue reading »

Nov 052014

How about some mid-week bangers? Well, we like our bangers all days and hours really so that was a rhetorical question and today we have a couple ones you shouldn’t miss no matter what. For starters, how about a new original by by our favorite robo-metal-monster that goes by the name Zardonic? Veneuela’s finest and heaviest has a new EP coming out on December 9 and the self-titled track from “For Justice” EP was just made available publicly today, meaning we had to pick our keyboards up and make sure to deliver you some guitar fueled electronic madness by one of Metalectro’s finest. The metal influences are  obviously there as is often the case with Zardonic but this time he left his Drum N Bass roots behind as the track moves in a more Electro direction and tempo. Venezuelan guitar virtuoso Tadeo Díaz has also contributed in “For Justice” by adding some lead guitar and it’s safe to say that judging by the first taste we had from the upcoming EP then Zardonic‘s “For Justice” EP is definitely a release to look forward to. Check out the track, pre-order the EP here if you like and stay tuned for more Zardonic soon!

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Dec 162013

Hell-o all and we hope you had a great weekend! Blogging has been getting a bit of a hard task unfortunatelly lately with the Metalectro Vol.04 “Demons Roar” Original Track Contest results still pending and a few other things we are working on behind the scenes but we’ll try to squeeze some posts into this Monday since all of us can do with an energy boost. So, a few super-energised posts coming today, starting with OCTiV‘s new EP “Infernal” which is out on FiXT and that sweet guitar fueled Metalectro sound we love so much! 6 originals with some nice collabs among them and Celldweller lending his voice on “Infernal”, which is definitely standing out from the rest of the collaborations imo. A dark and well balanced release that mixes the Metal sound with Electro/Dubstep elements and keeps the pedal to the metal, so definitely one to check out by Metalectro standards!

Nov 212013

Hell-o everybody! It´s about time for same bangers, starting as eargrinding as possible today with a new release you certainly have all been waiting for and finally is out on Jet Set Trash, so brace yourselves – here comes Gor FLsh and his latest EP named “Undead“! Featuring two mighty originals by the Canadian master of electronic mosh music, plus four uncompromising and not even a tiny bit less brutal remixes by Skitsnygg, Hantise, Dave Scorp and Laforcah, this EP combines once again loudness, full bass and plenty of headbanging to a unique release full of sheer electronic mayhem! Use at your own risk, no responsibilites will be accepted for getting lost in infernal states of metalectric excitement, but use it LOUD!!!

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Oct 252013

Time to wrap things up and let the weekend start but before we do i have saved a Metalecto Special and a double “remix of the day” post for the end. And when i say special this one is special by all means, since not only both remixes are some of the most Metalectric material we have heard in a while but also pit one known big name against a young up & comer who has certainly got a lot more to give with his music. So, Zardonic vs iMAGiN8, since they both remixed each other’s tracks on their EPs out on Jet Set Trash this month and what a combination of styles and results this working relationship has produced so far really! The story goes something like this, iMAGiN8 remixed Zardonic‘s “Restless Slumber” for the “Restless Remixes” EP that was released on early October and really the 18yo producer took everyone by surprise as his remix was a devastating guitar fueled Metalstep banger of the highest standard and quality!

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