Jan 092017

Starting the new week with some fresh new music (from each and every aspect you wanna look at it). Assalm (meaning whale) had his debut LP released on JST Records a month ago and since then the French artist always seems to find his way on our playlists one way or the other. Something that becomes easier of course by the fact that Assalm‘s music is diverse, fresh and combines elements from a number of different music styles/genres. “Rivera” LP, which comes with 9 original songs, is a very unique and rare mix of (dark) Electronica, Techno, Trap and even Darkwave/Darksynth (i.e. “Cavalry”). But Assalm‘s debut is more than a just melting pot of different influences. Well thought of and nicely put together, these elements come together in a way that makes “Rivera” one of those Continue reading »

Dec 142016

the-toxic-avengerThe Toxic Avenger is an artist who shouldn’t need introductions for into the harder and darker side of Electronic music, despite his somewhat less active recent period. The good news is that by the looks of it the Frenchman is making a comeback since he had a new EP out in late October as a follow up to his 2016 “Ξ” LP. “Globe Vol.01” was released on Roy Music with 6 new originals and personally speaking this feels like some of The Toxic Avenger‘s best recent work as the French artist manages to deliver his very own charactertic and atmospheric blend of Techno, Electronica and even Synthwave in a way very few can. Groovy with a touch of dark seems to be the recipe of avenging on “Globe Vol. 1” and just as the title suggests we’ll be looking forward to Vol.02 as well.

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Nov 092016

andreas-rundAnd while the world is wondering and confused about what the future holds after the latest developments on the political front, here we are trying to break the monotony of the social media politics overtake with some new music by Andreas Rund. The Czech Republic based artist had his new EP “Matter Of Time” out on Comorbid Records just a week ago and for those who did check and enjoy his “Gemini” EP, you won’t be disappointed. Not that those of you who didn’t will be disappointed either, especially if you’re into the whole dark and atmospheric Techno/Electronica sound. Check out Andreas Rund “Matter Of Time” EP below and let us know what you thought of it and of course feel free to show your support by grabbing a copy here! Continue reading »

Nov 022016

agloryParisian duo Aglory are back once more with a new EP. Dark, deep and heavy Electronica/Techno, as anyone familiar with Aglory‘s past releases would expect, “Mort” was out on October 28 and (what a surprise-not) just in time for Halloween. Four original tracks, all dealing with the theme of mortality and death, “Mort” was released through Kannibalen Records. Maybe not what you’d normally expect by the Canadian label which usually deals with less dark themes, although their roster isn’t exactly unwelcoming towards the heavier and darker side of things either and how could it be when it hosts artists like Lektrique, Black Tiger Sex Machine and Haezer to mention a few? A must check release for anyone into the dark Electronica and Techno, as is usually the case with Aglory so press play and enjoy!

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