Jan 272017

Metalheads and Synthwavers rejoice! Long time Metalectro favorite duo and regular Electronic headbangerz Dance With The Dead are back with a new album. “B-Sides” Volume 1 includes 15 previously unreleased originals by the duo (as the title suggests) but don’t let the title fool you because Dance With The Dead are delivering some grade-A material right here, full of their characteristic brand of dark Synthwave for which they are known and loved for. Influenced by 80’s horror to 80’s Thrash Metal, as one would normally expect by Dance With The Dead, at least with their previously recorded/older material (and we’re not trying to predict or imply anything by saying that – just to be crystal clear) the tone is set right from the start and the opening track “Get Out” with its bay-area Thrash Metal sounding guitar riff. Of course not all songs on the album follow this faster and more aggressive approach although the gloomy and heavy metal overall feel is present throughout the album. Another one out of the many highlights of the album is “The Man Who Made A Monster”, a song which was also featured on the “Future Dark Club” compilation recently released on Lazerdiscs Records. We could really go on forever talking about each one of the tracks and the overall high standard and quality work that goes into Dance With The Dead‘s music but we’d rather stop here and let the music do that talking… Enjoy!