Mar 212017

UK based dark Synthwave master Occams Laser is back with a new 10 track album. “Ascension” is the third and last chapter in a trilogy of albums dedicated to Dante Alighieri’s 14th-century epic poem the Divine Comedy (the other two albums are “Nine Circles” and “Purgatory”) and just like the previous two (as well as most of the UK artist’s music anyway) this one too follows a similar path. Dark atmosphere and retro sounding synths come together to form one of Occams Laser‘s best works to date, filled with grim compositions and heavy Electro, something that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone familiar with Occams Laser‘s previous work anyway. The mood is set right from the start and even though admitedly it feels a little as if the album is losing some of its momentum towards the end it will keep you nailed to your seats right from the opening seconds, just like a good horror movie or book would. The suspenseful buildups which lead into the intense outbursts help in that regard of course and “Ascension” comes with plenty of those. Gloomy and groovy at the same time there’s no doubt that “Ascension” is a very well thought of album which concludes Occams Laser‘s trilogy in the best possible way and ends this musical journey on a high note. Whether a fan of faster paced or slower and dark filled atmosphere Synthwave this is an album that delivers plenty of both and we thoroughly enjoyed. Hopefully you will too!