Feb 202017

Been a while since we had an all out Drum & Bass release that we really enjoyed throughout to write about but when a new Blackout Music single is waiting in your inbox that has to be a good sign. Besides, it’s no secret and everyone who’s been following the blog for a while now should already know we’ve always enjoyed most music coming by the Netherlands based heavyhitter label, even more so when it comes from the label bosses Black Sun Empire. And as interesting and exciting it is to finally have some new music by the trio to writte about, things get even better when you realise that their new single features also Noisia and personal favorite Pythius, who have both collaborated with Black Sun Empire on “The Veil” and “Catalyst” respectively. Funny thing is that this first single from Black Sun Empire‘s upcoming 2017 LP is so huge that we could stop writting about it right here as there’s hardly any need to write more when two Drum & Bass giants and one of the most promising new artists team up. But then again just listening to both tracks compells you to keep writing. Noisia‘s influence and genius is easy to spot on “The Veil” which follows a darker and more scaled back approach, whereas the b-side “Catalyst” delivers some “in your face” straightforward violent Drum & Bass and we’re pretty certain Pythius had something to do that. The only negative thing we have to point out about this one which is huge bummer is that it’s only a 2 tracks single which forces you to have it on repeat. But then again the Black Sun Empire LP is on the way officially and it’s only a matter of time before more greatness follows by these guys so stay tuned for more.