Mar 242017

Time to put the pedal to the metal and live up to our name as Metalectro, with who else than Master Boot Record of course? Because what’s best than a song that combines Electronic and Metal music? Well, how about a brand new 9 original track album (7 + 2 bonus tracks available on Bandcamp)? The album is titled “C​:​\​>COPY *​.​* A: /V” and is the Italian artist’s fifth album since Setpember 2016. Staying loyal to his idea, artistic vision and overall concept of mixing Chiptune/Synthwave music and Metal, something that is masterfully reflected and on all of the accompanying visuals, Master Boot Record might not be the first artist to ever try blending Electronic music and Metal (see Celldweller, Zardonic, Gor FLsh, Phuture Doom, Dance With The Dead etc), although he definitely qualifies as one of the few who managed to do it so successfully in my opinion and stay true to a more aggressive and old-school Metal approach and attitude rather than go down a more new-Metal mainstream aesthetics route as is often the case.

And just like his previous albums, “C​:​\​>COPY *​.​* A: /V” is the kind of album that will most likely appeal more to metalheads rather than purely Electronic music fans as it captures the essence of Metal attitude through its compositions and concept. What sets Master Boot Record apart from most of the other artists mentioned earlier though, with the exception of Gor FLshDance With The Dead and maybe occassionaly Zardonic or Phuture Doom on specific songs, is mainly and most importantly the songwritting itself. Master Boot Record composes Metal music which is performed on Synthesizers (thus the artist categorises his music as Synthesized Metal), as opposed to trying “force” Electronic music compositions to sound more Metal by adding elements such as screamo vocals or distorted guitars like many other Electronic music (mainly Dubstep) artists who want to go down a more Metal route do for example.

Of course Chiptune and Synthwave music fans have already been famialirised with a more Metal sound through artists like Gost or Volkor X and of course Carpenter Brut or Perturbator who have in the past gone down a more Metal path and have contributed to closing the gap between the two worlds and sounds (whether with their music or in some cases marketing that is). Yet Master Boot Record isn’t doing Synthwave music but Metal with enough 80’s Electronic music influences that make his music sound reminiscent of Synthwave at parts. I could literally keep going forever and continue pointing out reasons and differences that set artists like Master Boot Record, Gor FLsh or the completely under the radar Going To Hell In A Leather Jacket (who even though never got his music officially released deserves a mention here for being one of the first artists to blend 80’s influenced Electronic music and Metal – in a very similar way as Master Boot Record does) in a league of their own and so far apart that the others.

But I won’t bore you any longer with more rambling about Metal, Electronic music, Metal and just let you enjoy Master Boot Record‘s new album. Because to put it as simple as I can, “C​:​\​>COPY *​.​* A: /V” is kicking ass and taking names!