Mar 132017

Starting the week with some fresh blood and some fresh music by The Encounter. An artist whose music has been in our radar for the last few months, although we only now got around to write about it since the New Jersey, USA, based artist had his new album “Bad Mood” out. Self-released a couple of weeks ago The Encounter‘s new LP comes with nine original Electro tracks, with some of them moving towards a more slow, stripped down and almost hypnotic Synthwave/Retrowave direction, while others follow a more hi-energy hard Electro or even Future Techno influenced approach. Whether on the more minimalist and simplistic or more maximal and full sounding side of Electro though, The Encounter seems to find the way to balance the different moods and changes (even throughout the same tracks), creating a nicely flowing, dynamic, versatile and constantly evolving albun which manages to keep the listener’s attention throughout the longer part of it at least. Of course, when writting an album it can be hard to manage have nine tracks that work so well with each other as well as on their own in order to keep the listener and some “filler tracks” are usually present as well, the number of which is often what makes the difference between good and great albums. And The Encounter‘s “Bad Mood” is certainly no exception to that rule, although it most definitely qualifies as a nice album at least. The album also features a guest appearence by Stilz as well as three remixes by Emmett Brown, Takahashi Jones and Crockett who are all adding their own personal touch to The Encounter‘s originals with their takes on “Behemoth IV”, “Bad Mood” and “Shadow Dancer” respectively. Personal favourite and highlight, “The Throat” of course, which is the track that lead us to discover The Encounter‘s music in the first place and still remains a hyoer-energised Electro original to our ears as well as “Pure”.