Jan 312017

A montly series of Playlists and selection of tracks blogged, uploaded on the channel or featured on the Metalectro pages during this month in one way or the other. Please note that due to some of the tracks being available only on Soundcloud or Spotify (for whatever reason) the track selection might be slightly different between Soundcloud and Spotify. The good news is that a version of this monthly Playlist series will always be available on both services for streaming so you can feel free to pick your poison. A big thank you to all for listening and checking out the blog/channel, to the labels for the promos of their releases they keep sending us and most importantly to the artists themselves for the great music. Enjoy! Continue reading »

Mar 122015

It’s pretty easy to lose track when it comes to Savant releasing albums and tracks one after the other since the frequency the Norwegian artist writes, produces and releases new music is often difficult to keep up with, unless you have a Savant only devoted blog. Nevertheless noone can complain about that though as Savant doesn’t get stingy to giving away free music too, like he did with his “Invasion” album which is available with a “name your price” option on the artist’s Bandcamp. Personally i am not the biggest fan of all the Savant releases and tracks since sometimes they are too “clever” for my taste. Listening through “Invasion” LP though i couldn’t pass “Killer” without a post as it’s a track that goes to a harder and bassier Electro direction (something we don’t hear often by him), with the complexity that comes usually on most Savant tracks not missing either. So, here’s “Killer” so check it out and go grab it here! Continue reading »

Mar 122015

Not very long ago we posted a preview/work in progress of the back then still upcoming Astronaut & Black Tiger Sex Machine “Rockers” collaboration. Finally, now “Rockers” has been made available for purchase and streaming via Kannibalen Records and for those of you who were looking forward to this collaboration you now have a reason to rejoice. Of course as one would expect the highlight of the release is the EP main track “Rockers”, although we have to say that both tracks qualify as very good Electro House and we can guarantee that if that’s your kind of sound then you are most definitely going to love them. Maybe “Rockers” and “Bounce” are not the sort of tracks that will revolutionalise the Electro House sound or a release that will rock your socks off as much as the the title suggests (we leave you be the judges of that though) but it will absolutely get you bouncing and sweating on the dancefloor played at appropiate volumes and this we can be certain of. Continue reading »

Mar 022015

Keeping the good new releases coming and here’s some tasty fresh blood too, coming by Germany based artist White Zoo with his new EP “Yagar”, out today on Audiophile Live. Some good hard Electro that should take the fans of the sound back to hard Electro good old days, or at the very least bring back some good old memories for those who still remember those days. “Yagar” EP comes with 4 original tracks, combining the harder Electro sound with orchestral and more melodic parts in a way that we don’t hear often nowadays and we haven’t heard coming by Audiophile Live in a while to be honest. Definitely a very good surprise by both artist and label and a release we enjoyed quite a bit right here. Check it out! Continue reading »

Feb 262015

Going on in the same spirit, style and sound as our opening post but this time with an upcoming single from the first time blogged on Metalectro Mr. Electronicvein, so here’s some “fresh blood” too. Mr. Electronicvein is a Germany based artist who mostly produces House tracks, although he decided to pick up the intensity and bass levels in his new single “Ghettoblaster”, which is due for release on Audiotonique on the 2nd of March. Don’t expect any hard thrashing Electro banger but rather an Electro House track with a nice flow and energy. Definitely some of the best work we heard by Mr. Electronicvein so far (according to our taste and eardrums at least) which leaves wondering whether the German producer will keep producing more tracks like this in the future. But for the time being, here’s “Ghettoblaster”. Check it out! Continue reading »