Feb 212017

French duo Christine grace us with their presence once more on Metalectro and of course the release of their LP “Atom From Heart”, which was out a few days ago on Uprise Music. The album consists of eleven original songs, with eight of them being brand new and previously uheard ones with the rest three being the two lead singles/videos “Howling Wave” and “Drama” (feat. T La Rock) plus an instrumental version Continue reading »

Jun 222016

Long time favorite French duo Christine is back with a brand new single and video to go along and we couldn’t me more excited about it. “Howling Wave” is out through Mouton Noir Records since the 17th of June and let us say is some of the duo’s best work as of late.  A mix of dark Synthwave, French House and hard Electro, Christine‘s new single from their upcoming album is equally groovy and horrifying, following the long tradition the duo has with drawing inspiration from mind twisting themes, in both their music and videos that is. And “Howling Wave” is of course no exception. The Carpenter-esque aesthetics seen throughout the video (directed by Alexis Benoit and produced by Phantasm) are of course a perfect fit for Christine‘s music and as long as you don’t mind a little bit of paranoia caused by constantly chaning and unfulfilled desires then this is definitely one you’re going to enjoy. Continue reading »

May 132016

Weekend is coming so here’s a playlist to get the party started. And being Friday the 13th too I thought i’d keep it bloody and heavy. We hope you enjoy the selection (incl. tracks by Lektrique, Kroyclub, XKore, Laforcah, Le Castle Vania, Owl Vision, Father, 501, The Glitch Mob, I Think I Broke Something , Christine and Neosignal). You can also check the playlist on Soundcloud (here) although some of the tracks are only available as previews so Spotify is recommended for the full versions.

As for those of you following the blog from the early days you might remember the regular monthly mixtape series we used to have, which will be probably be replaced by regular playlists. As for the reason why the mixtapes won’t be coming back but will be replaced by these playlists, first we feel it’s more directly beneficial for the artists themselves, second obviously it’s less time consuming to only have to make the right track selection instead of having to do a mixtape with it and finally with the stricter copyright infrigement policies that are in place on Soundcloud nowadays it seems more appropriate.

Continue reading »

Jun 162015

Any day Christine, one of our favorite French electronic music artists, come up with new music is a good day here on Metalectro so as you can imagine we’re quite happy to have started our week with a new EP by the Frenchmen. “Ecstatic Sole” is Christine‘s sixth EP and if you’re not familiar with their music by now, well let’s just say you have some essential listening to do. Coming with four new original tracks, this is some trademark Christine stuff and sounding as good if not even better than ever. A mix of French Touch and 80’s synth/horrorwave, “Ecstatic Sole” EP is overall as hard, dark and groovy as you would expect, hope and want a Christine release to be. What else could we ask for? Continue reading »

Feb 272015

Just a few days ago the So French Records “Winter Time” Vol.02 Compilation was released by French label, including 14 original tracks altogether. A mix of Nu Disco, Electro Rock and well, French Touch with some artists we’ve known and liked for a while now, as well as some new ones. Listening to the whole release a few times and trying to make up our minds about it, we can definitely say that there are some very good tracks on it, which we have picked to feature here today. One of the things we didn’t like as much is the abundance of Nu Disco and “funky”tracks, which seemed to take over the overall release more than we would have personally liked as it seems to have left less room for more power and energy which we thought is missing a bit from the particular compilation. The good thing though is that the few tracks that are moving to a “harder” direction out of “Winter Time” Vol.02 really stood out as they made a significance difference to the release’s overall feel and flow. Continue reading »