Jun 302016


As some of you might already know Noisia have a new album titled “Outer Edges” coming out in September and of course all fans of heavy bass music, regardless what their favorite sub-genre is, should be looking forward to this one with much excitement. What you might not be aware of yet though is that the music video for the track “Collider” was out today and the trio is bringing out the heavy guns with it. A great track which trancends genres so don’t expect us to even try sticking a label to it accompanied by a nice video and for those who enjoy a mind twisting element of weirdness in their videos you’ll be getting some of that too with “Collider”. Which of course is nothing new for Noisia (we might even say it’s not weird enough comparing to some of their past videos). Nothing else to be added here really as the music of Noisia speaks for itself, so just enjoy “Collider” and stay tuned for the album. Continue reading »

May 192016

It’s been a while since I posted anything by Mantis here (even before the much needed break I took from blogging) but the Atlanta boys are finally back as they had a new EP out about a month ago. Truth be told I find myself being very picky and generally speaking not impressed by most Dubstep that goes around these days as it all seems to boil down to high standard productions (nevermind the whole presets/samples argument) but less and less originality and well, feeling. This doesn’t seem to be the case with Mantis“Avidity” though as the boys didn’t hesitate to go hard, like they always did anyway since the beginning. The nice mix of Drum & Bass and heavy Dubstep (you might even wanna call it Metalstep or Deathstep if you’re into that sort of thing) and thankfully the absence of the classic Hybrid Trap track, “Back Again” comes as close to Hybrid Trap you’ll listen from Mantis on this EP (and that isn’t close enough), certainly earned “Avidity” quite a few extra points in my book. Add the well thought of track order which gives a nice flow and album feel instead of a “random tracks placed on the same release” feel and here we have it. A Dubstep release that isn’t as predictable as most Dubstep releases going around nowadays and definitely worth checking out. Continue reading »

May 132016

Weekend is coming so here’s a playlist to get the party started. And being Friday the 13th too I thought i’d keep it bloody and heavy. We hope you enjoy the selection (incl. tracks by Lektrique, Kroyclub, XKore, Laforcah, Le Castle Vania, Owl Vision, Father, 501, The Glitch Mob, I Think I Broke Something , Christine and Neosignal). You can also check the playlist on Soundcloud (here) although some of the tracks are only available as previews so Spotify is recommended for the full versions.

As for those of you following the blog from the early days you might remember the regular monthly mixtape series we used to have, which will be probably be replaced by regular playlists. As for the reason why the mixtapes won’t be coming back but will be replaced by these playlists, first we feel it’s more directly beneficial for the artists themselves, second obviously it’s less time consuming to only have to make the right track selection instead of having to do a mixtape with it and finally with the stricter copyright infrigement policies that are in place on Soundcloud nowadays it seems more appropriate.

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Jul 162015

Staying on the heavy side with another Dubstep new release by one more artist who’s never been featured here before, so more fresh blood coming too because why not? So say hell-o to iso:R from Japan and his katana wielding Dubstep samurai that goes by the name “Kimura”. Out on Uplink Audio just a couple of days ago, “Kimura” EP is slashing its way through most other Dubstep releases we’ve heard lately and doesn’t go “hybrid”, trap or soft at any point. It’s all out war heavy Dubstep, with the Japanese artist also going in Metalectro mode by plugging in some guitars too for the EP closer “The Horror Show”. Definitely an EP we enjoyed a lot and we’re pretty sure you will too so turn the volume up, check “Kimura” out and get it here. Continue reading »

Jul 162015

The summer is well upon us and we might be taking it slow(er) than usual but we aren’t completely dead nor deaf (yet), so despite the already high temperatures here’s some new hot music too. Today’s menu is made out of a couple new Dubstep releases and two new artists who haven’t been featured here before such as Hugeative from Baltimore (USA) who had his “Crime Season” EP out on Firepower Records three weeks ago. “Crime Season” comes with 4 originals and just as you’d expect from a Firepower Records release with pretty high production standards. Of course the “hybrid” nature Dubstep/Trap track couldn’t be missing too since it has become almost a standard on most Dubstep releases nowadays, something we might not the biggest fans of but doesn’t mean the track itself can’t be good anyway. As for “Crime Season” EP, if you’re looking for some chilled out summer vibes then there’s nothing for you here so you better keep moving but if you’re looking for some nice Dubstep then check this out and go get it here.
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