Metalectro is a blog dedicated to the hardest and most uncompromised electronic music and artists. For the last few years its aim has been to support and promote producers who dare to push the electronic music boundaries by staying true to their creative vision and not giving in to trends or mainstream formulas or simply put, the music we like and believe should be heard whether it’s from underground or more known artists. No rules, no guidelines, no trends or genres and most of all, no clickbait content. Just Electronic music with soul!

This is the official homepage of Metalectro, where you can find daily updates and posts related to the dark and heavy side of Electronic music with our one and only focus being the music itself.

So if you like to bang your heads, dance or bounce (or all at the same time) stay tuned, check this space often and… PLAY IT LOUD!!!

Feel free to contact us regarding content removal, advertising, promos or any requests at zak.kilmister@gmail.com

 Who We Are


Zak “Electrohead” Kilmister

Founder of the Metalectro blog, obsessed with guitar fueled electro bangers and the idea of Metal/Punk influenced electronic music, he is the main driving force and mastermind behind Metalectro. Also a member of the Jet Set Trash family since early 2012 and always on the lookout for new talent and “fresh blood”.

Hannakiri Hellectro

Lady Hellectro joined Metalectro in January 2012 and since then she has fueled Metalectro´s fire with her different and refreshingly unconventional musical taste. Her naturally honest writing style and ability to discover “fresh blood” are second to none while her passion for everything hard electro related made her a crucial part of Metalectro in no time at all. Also attending events whenever possible so look out for her and do say hi!