Jan 092017

Starting the new week with some fresh new music (from each and every aspect you wanna look at it). Assalm (meaning whale) had his debut LP released on JST Records a month ago and since then the French artist always seems to find his way on our playlists one way or the other. Something that becomes easier of course by the fact that Assalm‘s music is diverse, fresh and combines elements from a number of different music styles/genres. “Rivera” LP, which comes with 9 original songs, is a very unique and rare mix of (dark) Electronica, Techno, Trap and even Darkwave/Darksynth (i.e. “Cavalry”). But Assalm‘s debut is more than a just melting pot of different influences. Well thought of and nicely put together, these elements come together in a way that makes “Rivera” one of those Continue reading »

Dec 262016

Frenchman and long time Electro House/Complextro producer M.A.D.E.S has returned with a new split EP, together with Spanish trio Knightbots who debut both on here and on JST Records. “Awakening” is the title of the EP and M.A.D.E.S‘ new original and if the Outrun, Synthwave and 80’s/retro influences were present in the French artist’s previous works this time he has gone full “retro” and left behind the more Electro House/Complextro sound he was previously known for. Great atmosphere, flow and sound on “Awakening” which stays slightly on a more Dark Synth side. The second track on this split EP by Knightbots combines 80’s mood with a hard French Touch/Electro sound (reminiscent of older Justice, sebastiAn and of course Dizkodeath) . A nice overall EP which definitely serves as nice follow up to M.A.D.E.S‘ “Return” EP and taking the French artist towards a new Syntwave sound and nice debut forĀ Knightbots as well so check this one out. Continue reading »

May 202015

Yesterday we saw the return of Italian duo Cyberpunkers with their new Free EP “Sick Tracks” and today we continue in a similar way, with a new release and the return of another loved and loud Italian duo, Laforcah. The two Electro Punksters from the greater Milan area just had their 5th EP released on Jet Set Trash a couple of days ago and if any of you don’t know yet what that means please take a moment and listen as Electro doesn’t come any louder and dirtier than this. 5 new originals, with one of them being available as a free download too, which bring together all those Laforcah characteristic elements and sounds we’ve heard in the duo’s previous 4 releases. But Laforcah didn’t stick only to what we’ve been used to hear from them and decided to explore new territories too with “Dusk”, a heavy and dark Electronica track that definitely left our eardrums happily buzzing. If there’s one thing these guys have proven with their releases so far is that they aren’t prepared to go light and “Dirty” EP comes to confirm that once again. Continue reading »

Feb 232015

Continuing with some new music and a release we here on Metalectro were looking forward to for some time now, especially after the release of the official video for Beatbender‘s “Elevate”. But as of today the duo’s debult album “Elevate” is finally available through Jet Set Trash and let us tell you that it doesn’t fall short of any expectations one might have had from the video, lead singles or enthusiastic and boasting press release. “Elevate” LP comes with 10 originals that move between Electro, Techno and Electronica and having listened to the full release (a few time already) it definitely is an album of high quality and production standards. Dark, heavy, elegant and fresh are the words that come to mind to best describe Beatbender‘s album as a whole. From the first second of the opening and mysterious track, titled “The Strange Story Of Elisa Lam” (those of you familiar with the actual story of Elisa Lam will grasp its beauty on another level), to last one of the chilled Drum & Bass “Outro” this is both a great album and one you should definitely not miss! Continue reading »

Feb 182015

A new release that really impressed us this week was I Think I Broke Something‘s new EP “Face Lift”. “Face Lift” might be just the 2nd official release of the live Electronic duo act from Finland but these guys have set very high standards since day one with their debut single “Superman Sabotage Clan” and they haven’t let us down yet, not for even a fraction of a moment. Out on Jet Set Trash a couple of days ago, ITIBS‘ new EP comes with three original tracks which are hard to place in any one specific (sub)genre since they combine a wide range elements from Indie to Electro and Punk to Breaks. What really matters though and is of the outmost importance with this emerging duo is their fresh ideas as they have their own style and character, something that is quite rare nowadays in the Electronic music world. And “Face Lift” EP comes to confirm that just on time as well with its changing moods from one track to the next. From lighter to dark and noisy Electro/Electronica and Punk-y aesthetics, these guys have it all. And if listening to “Face Lift” EP doesn’t convince you then there is nothing else we could possibly add that might. Continue reading »