Jun 302016


As some of you might already know Noisia have a new album titled “Outer Edges” coming out in September and of course all fans of heavy bass music, regardless what their favorite sub-genre is, should be looking forward to this one with much excitement. What you might not be aware of yet though is that the music video for the track “Collider” was out today and the trio is bringing out the heavy guns with it. A great track which trancends genres so don’t expect us to even try sticking a label to it accompanied by a nice video and for those who enjoy a mind twisting element of weirdness in their videos you’ll be getting some of that too with “Collider”. Which of course is nothing new for Noisia (we might even say it’s not weird enough comparing to some of their past videos). Nothing else to be added here really as the music of Noisia speaks for itself, so just enjoy “Collider” and stay tuned for the album. Continue reading »

Jun 222016

Long time favorite French duo Christine is back with a brand new single and video to go along and we couldn’t me more excited about it. “Howling Wave” is out through Mouton Noir Records since the 17th of June and let us say is some of the duo’s best work as of late.  A mix of dark Synthwave, French House and hard Electro, Christine‘s new single from their upcoming album is equally groovy and horrifying, following the long tradition the duo has with drawing inspiration from mind twisting themes, in both their music and videos that is. And “Howling Wave” is of course no exception. The Carpenter-esque aesthetics seen throughout the video (directed by Alexis Benoit and produced by Phantasm) are of course a perfect fit for Christine‘s music and as long as you don’t mind a little bit of paranoia caused by constantly chaning and unfulfilled desires then this is definitely one you’re going to enjoy. Continue reading »

May 202016

Turbo KillerCarpenter Brut is an artist whose name you should know by now and if not you have some serious homework and listening to do. It’s no secret we have loved his work here on Metalectro before his rise to Synthwave stardom as his music was always hard hard, cool, inspired and of a very high standard. And now he has equally great visuals (if not even greater) to go along with it too. The video for “Turbo Killer” (written and directed by Seth Ickerman) was out a few months ago and well, simply put is probably the most awesome and visually stunning video (music or not) we, you and everyone else have seen and will see in a while. In case you have somehow missed it until now we don’t want to spoil the fun and jawdropping action that comes with it so we’ll stop here. Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy! Continue reading »

May 182016

Spicing things up a bit today by throwing some audio-visual action into the mix and taking you a few months back. Russia’s Proxy is a name those of you into the dark and hard side of Electro and Techno should be well familiar with by now and frankly he shoudn’t need any introductions by now. And when he teams up with Sen Dog (of legendary rappers Cypress Hill) you know the result has to be some seriously badass and crazy tunage, which is the case with “Mad Dog 10,000”, out a few months ago on Sotto Voce. And if you’re thinking “this sounds familiar” it’s because you’ve probably already heard the instrumental version of the track which has been going around for a while already, titled “10,000”, one of Proxy’s most classic and one a personal favorite of mine. Now take that and add the top class rapping by Sen Dog (no surprise here) and a dark video that captures and translates perfectly the insane and intense atmosphere of the track and there you have it, it’s a “mad dog on the loose” indeed. So please do yourselves a favor and check this rabid piece out.

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May 072015

Time to plug in some guitars and rock some socks off and Modestep are definitely a name that seems to always find ways to do just that. With their new album “London Road” being on the way (set for release on May 26th) and the single “Machines” out about a couple of weeks ago, alongside two remixes by Mefjus (Drum N Bass), Tru Fonix (House) and an official music video, we thought it was definitely worth some space on this blog as we quite enjoyed both the original and Mefjus remix. Both tracks are most certainly are on the hard and heavy side of Electronic music meaning that should keep all you bass maniacs pretty happy, so here come the “Machines” and why not go full audiovisual too since we can with the video of the original? Enjoy! Continue reading »