Jan 122017

Coming straight from the future (the exact year of release isn’t known to us) and right into you speakers here’s Lazerdics Records‘ recent compilation “Future Dark Club” Volume 1. Including 12 original songs from some artists you probably are (very) familiar with (Lazerhawk, Dance With The Dead) and some you might not have heard of before, the team over at Lazerdics has put together a nice collection of mainly Synthwave music from artists from around the globe. And as one might expect from such compilations the influences may vary when you have 12 different artists contributing with original music, as is the case with “Future Dark Club” too. From House (“Punkfunk“) to Metal (“The Man Who Made a Monster“) and even Continue reading »

Jun 242016

It might have been a while since we heard any new music by M.A.D.E.S but finally the French artist is back with a new EP titled “Return” and well, not only it’s very suitably titled but also a fine comeback for him. Including 3 originals as well as remixes by Irving Force, Hijack Da Bass and Alminia “Return” was out on JST Records on June 20th. Moving somewhere between Electro House, Complextro and Synthwave/Outrun, the 3 originals strike the right balance between heavy basslines and melodic parts (more on the melancholic and dark side rather than on the EDM though) while each of the 3 remixes adds something new to the release. Irving Force‘s rocker definitely focuses more on the 80’s side of things and pushes the original to its limits (just like an 80’s “action packed” movie would), Hijack Da Bass delivers an Electro House hard hitter you’d expect from him while finally the newcomer Alminia adds some flavor and closes the release in afunkier and lighter tone. Continue reading »

Jan 222015

Staying on the dark side with yet one more post and here’s one more new release by an artist who we have openly and repeatedly expressed how much we like and hence we are very happy to be able to feature once more on Metalectro with a new release. Carpenter Brut who shouldn’t be a stranger to any fan of the dark synthwave movement nor Electro fan really is back with a new EP and once again delivers some nice 80’s vibes with the dark and hard Nu Disco/Indie Dance/French Electro mix of styles he’s known for. 6 new original tracks by the Frenchman which will keep all fans of his music and overall fans of the particular styles and sounds nailed to their seats throughout the 26 minutes of this Electronic journey that Carpenter Brut‘s new EP is. Definitely one to check out by all means!

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