Jan 302017

Continuing our descend into the darkest depths or Electronic music’s underground (yeah well, what else is new right?) with a new artist and release by USA based producer Mr. Kristopher, which was out last week on Jet Set Trash. “Communion” is the title of Mr. Kristopher‘s new EP which comes with 5 original Electro (House) tracks. But don’t be fooled by the “genreficiation” we went with because “Communion” is everything you wouldn’t really expect from what is normally considered or perceived as Electro House these days and is definitely no main-stage/EDM material, it most deifinitely is dancefloor burner stuff without a doubt though. Heavily influenced by Industrial/EBM and the dark side of Techno,Mr. Kristopher has brought together in “Communion” elements that will bring to mind names like Rob Zombie, Nitzer Ebb and Nine Inch Nails or even Gesaffelstein and Rezz, especially on the EP opening track “Darklord” on which the artist recorded his own vocals too (and boy did he get them right). And as anyone can imagine, a combination of elements/influences such as those from the artists mentioned above can only mean one thing. Dark, groovy and powerful electronic music that you can get wild with whether you’re a dancefloor or a hedbanging aficionado.