Dec 022013

Gor FLsh

Hell-o all and for those of you who missed it, last night we chatted live on our Facebook Page with one of the loudest and most brutal Electro artists out there, if not the most loud and brutal one that is. Gor FLsh is back from the grave after taking a short break from producing as Gor FLsh and had a new EP out too on Jet Set Trash. And if there is one thing you can be certain of, is that this guy has no intention of slowing down or getting any less loud anytime soon. Gor FLsh was available for 2 hours last night and talked to us about his new EP “Undead” in a live chat that was carried out in the form of comments. The 1st of the 2 hours was Metalectro only questions and the 2nd was open discussion and he was availalbe to answer any questions anyone had for him. So here what he said to us, for those who couldn’t catch it live.

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Nov 122013


Hell-o all and while we are having to deal with the non-musical and very unpleasant issue of the bad unofficial Metaletctro copycat pages that have been in existence for a while without us being aware of it, lets try to get back into normal “healthy” musical matters too. So, for those of you missed the live 2 hour long Q&A and open discussion we held on our Facebook Page on Sunday night with CrazyMT, here it is in the form of a mini-interview as well. So read on and see what this very talented artist from France had to say about his debut EP “Right Way” and music!

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Oct 202013

Hell-o and we’re back for some more Sunday reading, just to close what we hope was a great weekend in an eve greater way! We are not sure if it would make sense to say that we have a “heavy” and “full of  bass”  interview coming up today but we managed to get hold of a bass heavyweight anyway who really needs no introductions, unless you have just ended up on the wrong blog somehow – in which case prepare to be blown away. For the regular ones though, here comes “Sergrant Bass” who is no other than the one and only GTRONIC. Do we have your full attention yet? Good, now read on…

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Oct 072013

Hell-o all and here we go, starting the week with something special, a Metalectro Special that is, and an interview that due to some internet connection problems we didn’t get to post yesterday, so we thought we would start the day with it. As for who the artist interviewed is, he’s one we have been trying to get a hold of for a while now and we finally managed to get him to speak to us!  Celldweller is no doubt an artist with a unique style and character in his music and it so happens to fit very well with our taste and Metalectro standards. So, after all those times he has been featured here with his music, now it’s time for the man behind Celldweller to make an appearence too and let us know what’s going on upon the Celldweller “black star”.

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Sep 222013

Hell-o all and we hope you are having a great weekend, whether partying or just chilling and getting some rest. Either way your weekend is just about to get better since we are back with one more Sunday special and this week’s guest is a girl that has been delivering some pretty Metalectric blows and tracks over the last year through this blog! So, you all say hell-o to Heavygrinder and stick around for some nice reading, info and insight on Heavygrinder‘s past, present and future!

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