Mar 242017

Time to put the pedal to the metal and live up to our name as Metalectro, with who else than Master Boot Record of course? Because what’s best than a song that combines Electronic and Metal music? Well, how about a brand new 9 original track album (7 + 2 bonus tracks available on Bandcamp)? The album is titled “C​:​\​>COPY *​.​* A: /V” and is the Italian artist’s fifth album since Setpember 2016. Continue reading »

May 082013

Last post and like i mentioned earlier i’ll close with a video today and the first official video ever for a Gor FLsh track! And of course, how could i possibly pass up any opportunity to post a track by Gor FLsh here, especially when accompanied with a video too as it is in this case? The video is for Gor FLsh‘s track “Sludgecity”, definitely one of Gor FLsh‘s most characteristic tracks, taken from his debut LP “Gor FLsh” which was out about a year ago on Jet Set Trash. This video was released now though alongside the “Gor FLsh Remixed” EP, to celebrate the 1 year since the LP release. If you expect a high budget, stunning visual effects and shiny production video think again but if you expect a fun to watch video with it’s fair share of headbanging, booze consumption, rising from the grave and the usual Gor FLsh laptop smashing business, accompanied with one of 2012’s baddest and loudest tracks, then this is for you! I certainly enjoyed watching it so here it is! Enjoy and have a great evening!

Jan 082013

One post left before i send you my “great evening” wishes but before i do that i might as well send your eardrums to hell and back, since my next post and track is by the one and only Gor FLsh! And if any of you don’t know what this means obviously you aren’t a frequent visitor of this blog as you haven’t been aware of the most brutal electro producer of the last year. Uncompromised, heavy, loud and sludgy as always, the Canadian producer has another new original track and freebie to give away and there is no way it could ever be ignored or for any reason not blogged on Metalectro. I think if the day comes that a Gor FLsh track won’t be suitable material for this blog we all know it’ll be a sad day. But until then, “There’s No Time To Bleed”! Check, grab it and break a neck or two!!!

Jun 042012

In terms of blogging it´s a really nice day today, especially in terms of Metalectro since all the tracks i posted are adorably heavy, brutal and/or guitar fuelled. And even if your necks are already sore and your ears probably bleeding, there´s no way out since this post is another great banger that shouldn´t be missed by any means! It´s the latest upload by Gör FLsh named “No One“, who became kind of a continuous burner on this blog with all the great tracks he already delivered. I definitely appreciate his work as not only he stays true to his sound  but keeps developing constantly and as long his tracks sound as great as this freebie they´ll be featured here for sure! Play it loud and grab this goodie!!!

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Apr 042012

Today everything is out of schedule really, no posts yesterday and a few interesting things going on that i want to mention but not all involve actual music, although they are always music related in one way or the other. Before i do move to this non-music post though, which is a very interesting interview by Nadisko, allow me to close in terms of music with my “remix of the day” which is SAWAGii‘s rework of Gor FLsh‘s “Grindclub”! A really heavy original in its own right and a track that’s already shaping up to be a classic for the Canadian metalhead. So along came SAWAGii with his metal rework and left eryone stunned, as he did with his glam-rock contest winner rework of Kavinsky’s “Nightcall” too! Extra points and respect for the creativity mr. SAWAGii!!!

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