Jul 232013

Hell-o you all, i hope you had a great start of the week so far! After a quite silent day yesterday we´re back with double power since Zak and i will be splitting posts today, me delivering the first two and Zak all what comes after! Starting with a new release and serious headbang and mosh music since the new EP named “Nightfall” by Phuture Doom just got released today on OWSLA, featuring altogether four original tracks and setting a new standard for OWSLA releases that is! All of you that heard Phuture Doom´s track “Burn The Knowledge” already know what to expect, in contrast to that one though which is more on the black metal influenced side of electro imo, the other two tracks alongside the intro named “La Grande Messe Noire” are sounding slightly different, still combining black metal elements and guitars with damn catchy acid-breakbeat sounds though, resulting in hard´n´bouncy bangers. Call it what you want, i definitely enjoyed what i´ve been listening to and i bet you´ll do so too, so hit the play button below, crank it up and check the EP out!!!

Jul 092013

Here’s another freebie and some fresh blood, admittedly very tasty and very fresh too, and from talking about the hard electro sound of the past in the previous post, let’s talk a bit about the future, or actually the phuture. Phuture Doom is OWSLA‘s new surprise and heavy weapon and some of you might be familiar with the name from the remix of Birdy Nam Nam‘s “Defiant Order”, which i personally never was a big fan of to be honest. So it was to my great and in fact very pleasant surprise to listen to Phuture Doom‘s latest and first original track “Burn The Knowledge”, which frankly is as Metalectro as it gets. Great production, black metal influences, filthy bass and a track that has a place in the Metalectro pantheon alongside names like Richie Beretta, Rocket, Gor FLsh, ASCII Demon, Zardonic, Heavygrinder, Drivepilot, Andy’s iLL (to mention a few) and all those who in the recent years have come up with tracks that have so succesfully been bringing the metal and electro worlds together! Check this out, the video too, and stay tuned for the release of “Nightfall” EP, out on July 23rd! We’ll definitely be looking forward to it with great curiosity and expectations!