Mar 242017

Time to put the pedal to the metal and live up to our name as Metalectro, with who else than Master Boot Record of course? Because what’s best than a song that combines Electronic and Metal music? Well, how about a brand new 9 original track album (7 + 2 bonus tracks available on Bandcamp)? The album is titled “C​:​\​>COPY *​.​* A: /V” and is the Italian artist’s fifth album since Setpember 2016. Continue reading »

Mar 262012

Hell-o all and i hope you had a great weekend! Hanna couldn’t make it today so i’ll be covering for her. To be honest it’s a nice day to blog too since we had a few nice releases and previews out since the last time i blogged so i’m quite glad to post them. For starters, we have a new release by Gor FLsh and Jet Set Trash, which i’ve got to say is one of the biggest and definitely the most aggressive & brutal release i’ve heard so far this year! The Gor FLsh LP features 7 original tracks, all bangers and 1 of them being a really huge collab with Hypomaniacs, 2 remixes by Cosmic Sand and Rocket, each adding his personal touch to the track, plus a metal rework by the master of the kind SAWAGii! A release that’s no doubt going to keep you headbanging throughout!

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