Mar 292017

France based Electro artist M.A.D.E.S is no stranger to this blog and we’ve always enjoyed most music coming by him as he has undoubtedly shown great promise as well as an ability to write and produce nice music. A few months ago the Frenchman decided to move on from his Electro House/Complextro background and follow his natural inclination for creating atmospheric and melody driven Electro and let his creative impulses run free and wild, which eventually lead to Synthwave. Of course M.A.D.E.S was never really a total stranger to the style and sound, being a big fan of Kavinsky and having played around with Synthwave influences before but his first completely and purely Synthwave original came in late 2016 with “Awakening”, released on JST Records on a split EP with Spanish trio Knightbots. Now “Awakening” has received a remix EP too, with some of Synthwave’s fastest growing talent contributing their own takes of M.A.D.E.S‘ original. Absolute Valentine, Occams Laser, Donbor, Niky Nine and Knightbots are on remixing duties and they all really did a great job too, giving to the original their own personal touch and character. From a more minimal and stripped down approach on Absolute Valentine‘s opening remix of the release to Occams Laser’s dark or Donbor‘s characteristic melodic take of the original, the five remixers have transformed “Awakening” in ways that are breathtakingly good each in its own way, while at the same time maintain those elements of the original which made it such a good track in the first place.