Dec 282016

Argentina’s Donbor might not be one of the biggest or most wellknown Synthwave/Electronica artists out there but then again those of you following this space should be well aware we couldn’t care less how wellknown an artist is or how many followers he can boast about having on their social media. What we’ve always cared about though and has always been the decisive factor on whether we share someone’s music or not is the actual music itself and Donbor has most definitely passed that test a while back with his track “Smoke”. Now, finally “Smoke” has an equally great sibling with “Against The Law” which is the Argentinian artist’s latest original. Characteristic Donbor sound and style that you will instantly recognise if you’ve heard and loved “Smoke” as much as we did. Both tracks are available for free on the artists’ Bandcamp on his “Dead City” EP (available for free alongside 2 more tracks) and we highly recommend snatching both of them. Continue reading »