Dec 102014

Going with a pretty brutal Dubstep track next and it’s fair to say that Sullivan King‘s suits the Metalstep and Metalectro description, standards and tastes by all means. Out last month on Rottun Recordings, “Terminus” has all those ingredients that make a proper banger and you know that when we say “banger” we really mean it and it’s not just a word used to describe tracks that are non-heavyweights. Dark, aggressive, guitar and screamo vocals reinforced and in one word brutal, Sullivan King delivers hell and mayhem for a bit more than 4 minutes in “Terminus”, the way only a few artists can and is definitely entering the Metalectro pantheon alongside names such as Zardonic, Gor FLsh, Laforcah, Drivepilot (to mention a few) and many other beloved artists that are too many to mention here. Definitely a hard hitter and a must check out track, whether you like Dubstep, Metal, Electro or any hard and aggressive music style and genre really so hit play and blast this one as loud as you can!

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Aug 272014

I´ll go on with some way more familiar names and four great remixes by Liberator, Laforcah, Justrock and GÖR FLSH, who all got their hands dirty on Belzebass´ latest EP “Welcome To Hell“! Since they all came up with their remixes around the same time one can strongly assume these tracks were supposed to be an official remixes EP, something seems to have gone wrong with that though -but however that be- the rejoicing third are you, getting three of these four bombs now for free! Justrock and GÖR FLSH remixed the name giver “Welcome To Hell” (sadly only the GÖR FLSH remix is a freebie), Liberator delivered “Black In Back” (grab it here!) and Laforcah took task on “Methemetik” (also free DL!). A great and badass bundle of hard hitting and heavy remixes and each remix gives its remarkable and distinct main points for sure, so give´em all a loud listen and grab everything you get your hands on!!!

May 062014

artworks-000077565718-1d1n24-cropTime to get real nasty and wild as the one and only Gor FLsh, undoubtedly one of the most (if not the most) brutal and uncompromised Electro producers around, who was recently challenged to remix a commercial track by a “compromised” artist. And of course, what could be a better pick and more suitable track for this challenge than “Animals”? So the Canadian producer came up with his very own undomesticated “Animals” rework and let’s just say that this is much more like it, especially for a track with this title. Bloodthirsty, angry and aggressive, Gor FLsh is showing with this rework what a “banger” electronic music track can should really sound like. So even if it’s been a while since we posted a “remix of the day” we think it’s more than fair to say the Canadian fully deserves the title today for this killer rework. We are pretty sure Martin and Spinnin’ would probably not be very happy if this reached their ears but that would probably make Gor FLsh even happier anyway. As for us, we are just happy with how this great rework sounds so check it, grab it and play it loud!

Mar 122014

Hell-o all and here comes your daily dose of bass and with this being the only post for today due to time restraints we better make it a good one and the “We Are Not P(o)P” Pt.03 and Pt.04 double compilation by Jet Set Trash is perfect to do just that. With 27 originals and remixes released on the label last year and a variety of styles that range from Electro House and more commercial Dubstep by artists such as Virtual Riot, Heavygrinder and Oxylice, to nasty trashy bass by the likes of Skitsnygg, Laforcah, Tim Tonik, Gor FLsh and of course some guitar fueled Metalectro favorites by Zardonic, Imagin8, Rubber Spanner and Drop Goblin that come as no surprise being on a Jet Set Trash release, this is a guaranteed energy boost to get you through the rest of the week.

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Jan 202014

Last but not least it’s time for today’s pick for the “remix of the day” and what a great remix by one of the most unique, characteristic and original artists the hard electro scene has seen and heard the last few years. Gor FLsh just made avaiable this older remix he did for FetOo‘s “Fugitive” as a free download a few days ago and what a great remix it is as well. Of course, for those who might have missed it, the original is a great track too by all means, still though the Canadian artist managed to further improve it by delivering a remix that has the Gor FLsh very characteristic trademark sound, has kept all those elements that make the original so nice and overall found the perfect balance that makes this a very creative remix which maintains the identity of the original. So a rightful and fully deserving “remix of the day” and this is how we will wrap the first day of the week up, so make sure to check this one out, grab it and of course PLAY IT LOUD!!!