Feb 212017

French duo Christine grace us with their presence once more on Metalectro and of course the release of their LP “Atom From Heart”, which was out a few days ago on Uprise Music. The album consists of eleven original songs, with eight of them being brand new and previously uheard ones with the rest three being the two lead singles/videos “Howling Wave” and “Drama” (feat. T La Rock) plus an instrumental version Continue reading »

Feb 202015

Most of you must already be aware that Spor‘s debut album “Caligo” is now up for grabs as the noise been made around this release by the alter ego of Feed Me is both well deserved and big enough for any fan of electronic music to have escaped its frequencies. “Caligo” has been made available through BitTorrent (here) with a “pay as much as you want” option by mr Gooch and his Sotto Voce Records imprint for a few days already but is now available for full streaming on Spor‘s Soundcloud and we, as well as almost every electronic music blog, couldn’t have ignored its existence. 13 original tracks, featuring a couple collaborations with James Hadouken (of Hadouken) as well as Tasha Baxter. Definitely an album Continue reading »

Feb 192015

Savant is a name that really needs no introductions among EDM fans (and not only). The super productive and creative artist from Norway has already built a resume and discography just in the last couple of years that would take most artists a decade to build. And now, he takes things to the next level (if there is a next level when talking about Savant) by employing the services of another creative genius, Mike Diva, for the official music video of his track “Kali 47”, from Savant‘s “Cult” LP released on SectionZ Records. The result is a visually stunning, effects laden steampunk themed video, based on a Western movie concept. Definitely impressive and a great match for Savant‘s music, which needed a special visual treatment and Mika Diva more than delivered. If you haven’t watched it yet make sure you sit comfortably and prepare yourselves to be awed by this piece of audiovisual greatness! Enjoy! Continue reading »

Feb 132015

Hell-o and a happy bloody Friday the 13th to all! As some of you or at least those who follow us on Facebook might already know, we had a Free Metalectro exclusive EP by Lux Cathedra planned for today and if anything we like to keep our promises so here it is! Lux Cathedra is a French artist who likes experimenting with the hard, heavy, dark trashy Electro sounds and electric guitars, all elements and sounds we too love here on Metalectro. So when he sent us his new tracks we were very happy and excited to take them on and offer them to you for free, because we simply think they should be heard by all those who still enjoy the underground and trashy Electro sound. So if the dark, heavy Electro alchemies Lux Cathedra has been cooking up sound like something that might migth be down your alley, then make sure to check out these 4 new original tracks, download them and spread “Trismegiste” EP! Continue reading »

Dec 182014

Hell-o all and today we’re going to be starting the day with a track from a new release you have probably seen around or heard about somewhere as it’s been a well talked about release, with opinions about it being as diverse and different as the music on the Culprate “Deliverance” album is too. An LP that definitely doesn’t stay constricted within any limits as it transcends all musical boundaries and is freely expressing and conveying different moods, emotions and ideas that show tremendous musical maturity, creativity and flexibility. A perfect mix of electronic and “organic” sound, “Deliverance” is the kind of album that will find both friends and enemies in both these musical worlds. We from our side really enjoyed the album without thinking in terms of styles or genres but for what it really is, good music. So, here is the track “Within” from “Deliverance”, which is our favorite from the release as well and we thought would make a great track to open today’s blogging session with. Not our usual heavy stuff but a great track nevertheless so check it out and go give the rest of the LP a listen too here!

Continue reading »