Review: Black Sun Empire “The Veil/Catalyst”

Been a while since we had an all out Drum & Bass release that we really enjoyed throughout to write about but when a new Blackout Music single is waiting in your inbox that has to be a good sign. Besides, it’s no secret and everyone who’s been following the blog for a while now should already know we’ve always enjoyed most music coming by the Netherlands based heavyhitter label, even more so when it comes from the label bosses Black Sun Empire. And as interesting and exciting it is to finally have some new music by the trio to writte about, things get even better when you realise that their new single features also Noisia Continue reading

Review: Mantis “Avidity” EP

It’s been a while since I posted anything by Mantis here (even before the much needed break I took from blogging) but the Atlanta boys are finally back as they had a new EP out about a month ago. Truth be told I find myself being very picky and generally speaking not impressed by most Dubstep that goes around these days as it all seems to boil down to high standard productions (nevermind the whole presets/samples argument) but less and less originality and well, feeling. This doesn’t seem to be the case with Mantis“Avidity” though as the boys didn’t hesitate to go hard, like they always did anyway since the beginning. The nice mix of Drum & Bass and heavy Dubstep (you might even wanna call it Metalstep or Deathstep if you’re into that sort of thing) and thankfully the absence of the classic Hybrid Trap track, “Back Again” comes as close to Hybrid Trap you’ll listen from Mantis on this EP (and that isn’t close enough), certainly earned “Avidity” quite a few extra points in my book. Add the well thought of track order which gives a nice flow and album feel instead of a “random tracks placed on the same release” feel and here we have it. A Dubstep release that isn’t as predictable as most Dubstep releases going around nowadays and definitely worth checking out. Continue reading

Preview: Telekinesis “Fight Club” EP

For those of you who enjoy your Drum & Bass big bad and well, black, we have an upcoming release to start the day with which should excite your ears just like it did ours. The Telekinisis new EP is coming on Black Sun Empire‘s very own Blackout Music on March 8th and the first tracks from the 5 track EP have gone public on Soundcloud, giving us a first taste of what the Slovenian duo’s new EP will sound like. And let us tell you that juddging by the two tracks we have heard already “Fight Club” EP is one to look forward to,especially  if you like super energised, high octane Drum & Bass. Classic “blackout” sound, production standard and overall quality once more by the Netherlands based label. Telekinetics and fans of blackness rejoice! Continue reading

Review: Spor “Caligo” LP

Most of you must already be aware that Spor‘s debut album “Caligo” is now up for grabs as the noise been made around this release by the alter ego of Feed Me is both well deserved and big enough for any fan of electronic music to have escaped its frequencies. “Caligo” has been made available through BitTorrent (here) with a “pay as much as you want” option by mr Gooch and his Sotto Voce Records imprint for a few days already but is now available for full streaming on Spor‘s Soundcloud and we, as well as almost every electronic music blog, couldn’t have ignored its existence. 13 original tracks, featuring a couple collaborations with James Hadouken (of Hadouken) as well as Tasha Baxter. Definitely an album Continue reading

Review: Dub Elements “Experiments” LP

Here comes a preview of the new Dub Elements LP “Experiments”, out today on Mass Bass. An album that includes twelve original tracks by the Spanish duo moving between Electro House, Dubstep, Trap, Breaks, Drum N Bass and pretty much covering all spectrums and subgenres of “EDM”. Some heavier and harder than others, some more main stage and Beaport chart targetted, all tracks sound good and tight from the production side although being perfectly honest we would prefer to hear more of the harder and heavier sound (e.g. “Bullshit”, “Yesterday And Always”, “Sulphur”) and less of the mainstream one. Still, for those who are more into the whole EDM and big festival sound than we are (and we are not that big on that sound to be honest) “Experiments” LP should be a release they will enjoy so check it out. Continue reading