Feb 202017

Been a while since we had an all out Drum & Bass release that we really enjoyed throughout to write about but when a new Blackout Music single is waiting in your inbox that has to be a good sign. Besides, it’s no secret and everyone who’s been following the blog for a while now should already know we’ve always enjoyed most music coming by the Netherlands based heavyhitter label, even more so when it comes from the label bosses Black Sun Empire. And as interesting and exciting it is to finally have some new music by the trio to writte about, things get even better when you realise that their new single features also Noisia Continue reading »

Jun 302016


As some of you might already know Noisia have a new album titled “Outer Edges” coming out in September and of course all fans of heavy bass music, regardless what their favorite sub-genre is, should be looking forward to this one with much excitement. What you might not be aware of yet though is that the music video for the track “Collider” was out today and the trio is bringing out the heavy guns with it. A great track which trancends genres so don’t expect us to even try sticking a label to it accompanied by a nice video and for those who enjoy a mind twisting element of weirdness in their videos you’ll be getting some of that too with “Collider”. Which of course is nothing new for Noisia (we might even say it’s not weird enough comparing to some of their past videos). Nothing else to be added here really as the music of Noisia speaks for itself, so just enjoy “Collider” and stay tuned for the album. Continue reading »

Oct 142014

Hell-o to all bassheads out there and after putting ourselves together after the weekend it’s time to catch up with what’s new and heavy in hevy bass electronic music scene and we have plenty coming today so strap in and stay tuned. And in case you don’t believe us, we have a grand opening post as well with Neosignal who just had a new EP out on Noisia’s imprint Division Recordings and we think even putting all those names in the same sentence should be more than enough to convince you “Space Gsus” EP is as huge as one expects a Neosignal release to be. 7 original tracks, rich in bass, top production and a dark groovy and deep atmosphere which there is no way you won’t be sucked right into. Definitely a release to check from the first to last second and we know this preview is going to leave you wanting more!

Dec 092013

Time to wrap things up for today and so here comes my last post and we’ll be getting really heaby, deep and dark with this one and how if anyone expected anything other than that from Noisia then they were obviously very mistaken. Big remix by a big name and in this case, which isn’t always true when it comes to bigger names, the track definitely sound big enough as well. “Arrakis” is taken from Black Sun Empire‘s recently released “Variations on Black” Remix Album which features 28 remixes altogether with some pretty big weapons of Drum & Bass destruction among the artists. Counterstrike, Zardonic, Audio, Neonlight and many more can be heard remixing some Black Sun Empire tracks on this Remix Album and just like this remix by Noisia is, most of them are pretty damn great too. So, check this one, make damn sure to check out the full release as well and have a great evening!

Jul 252013

I will go on with a new release and a freebie at the same time and definitely one hell of a big, dark, bad collaboration which sounds as good, or actually as badass as one would have expected and anticipated by Noisia and Foreign Beggars. Of course it’s no secret this collaboration was coming, if anything it was the opposite of a secret and finally now the first I Am Legion single is out on OWSLA, featuring 1 vocal and 1 instrumental version of the track. The single is also available as a free download through the I Am Legion wesbiste though so you can choose how you want to grab and support this new project and little dark, drum & bass-hip hop baby monster. As for what to expect, if you somehow have missed this one so far, well i think it’s better if i don’t say anything more and let you check it out for yourselves.