Nov 032016

occams-laserHailing from Isle Of White (you don’t hear this everyday in the Electronic music scene) Occams Laser is a dark Synthwave machine who keeps producing albums non-stop, so let’s devote some of our time to his music like he has devoted endless hours producing 4 LPs (alongside 3 EPS in case the LPs aren’t enough) during the last year only. Impressive? Well, certainly yes but not as impressive as his music. Following in the footsteps of artists like Carpenter Brut, Perturbator and Gost, Occams Laser‘s music is hard, as it is dark and heavy. Heavily influenced by the sounds of the 80’s his brand of aggressive and theme based “in your face” dark Synthwave will definitely leave you wanting more and “Purgatory” LP (released a month ago) is the perfect introduction to his music. Continue reading »

Jun 242016

It might have been a while since we heard any new music by M.A.D.E.S but finally the French artist is back with a new EP titled “Return” and well, not only it’s very suitably titled but also a fine comeback for him. Including 3 originals as well as remixes by Irving Force, Hijack Da Bass and Alminia “Return” was out on JST Records on June 20th. Moving somewhere between Electro House, Complextro and Synthwave/Outrun, the 3 originals strike the right balance between heavy basslines and melodic parts (more on the melancholic and dark side rather than on the EDM though) while each of the 3 remixes adds something new to the release. Irving Force‘s rocker definitely focuses more on the 80’s side of things and pushes the original to its limits (just like an 80’s “action packed” movie would), Hijack Da Bass delivers an Electro House hard hitter you’d expect from him while finally the newcomer Alminia adds some flavor and closes the release in afunkier and lighter tone. Continue reading »

May 242016

When it comes to artists who constantly keep impressing with their work, whether it’s the music, videos or overall “packaging” of their music and presence, Perturbator has been at the very top (together with a few others) for a while now. The Frenchman isn’t only a frontrunner of the Dark Synthwave “neon apocalypse” we’ve been going through lately but one of those artists who have lead the assault for a while now. His fourth album “Uncanny Valey” was out on Blood Music a few weeks ago (and not in 2112 A.D as the rumours had it) and besides the impressive packaging (vinyls, CDs, bonus material and lots of cool artwork) which is guaranteed to earn some extra points it’s the actual music itself that makes it such a complete album. Continue reading »

May 202016

Turbo KillerCarpenter Brut is an artist whose name you should know by now and if not you have some serious homework and listening to do. It’s no secret we have loved his work here on Metalectro before his rise to Synthwave stardom as his music was always hard hard, cool, inspired and of a very high standard. And now he has equally great visuals (if not even greater) to go along with it too. The video for “Turbo Killer” (written and directed by Seth Ickerman) was out a few months ago and well, simply put is probably the most awesome and visually stunning video (music or not) we, you and everyone else have seen and will see in a while. In case you have somehow missed it until now we don’t want to spoil the fun and jawdropping action that comes with it so we’ll stop here. Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy! Continue reading »

May 172016

Trying to catch up with all the music I missed during the last months that the blog was in hibernation is a time consuming task, let me tell you. Not to complain though since I am a music junkie anyway so sitting and listening to (new) music isn’t all that bad, especially when it’s good music (or the kind of music i like to be more precise).

And while I’m going to be taking it slower and only post about releases which have that something special worth talking about, the music that does actually make it on here should be “food for the soul” – only more groovy, powerful and generally speaking awesome in one way or the other. And Daniel Deluxe‘s “Corruptor” LP just happens to tick all of those boxes. Continue reading »