Jan 062017

UK based artist Occams Laser returns on Metalectro once more with his most recent EP “Flagellation” and well, all Synthwave / Dark Synth fans should be getting quite used to hearing his music and seeing his name around by now as he continues to constantly deliver new music. “Flagellation” was out last November including 6 new original songs and adds another chapter on the artist’s ongoing exploration of dark religious themes and concepts. Well, not that we are big on any kind, sort or type of religion here but we can certainly appreciate artists who have a concept and develop a story through their music, something that Occams Laser has been doing very succesfully. From the artworks to the themes and of course the music itself which creates the perfect atmosphere for the artist to develop a narrative, Continue reading »

Apr 162013

Hell-o all and apologies for the contstantly decreasing number of blogging days lately. So let’s ease in with a slightly more chilled release today but a great one by Cosmic Sand and Jet Set Trash. As you might already know Cosmic Sand has left the orchestral hard electro sound behind for some months now and has adopted the more atmospheric, 80’s electro sound. It’s fair to say though that this has been the next stage of the Portuguese producer’s┬ámusical evolution as the rich synth sound, great leads and melodies, as well as the atmposhere he creates really put him up there with the best of the kind. As for his 4th EP “Breaking Point”, featuring 2 originals and 2 remixes by Wolf Saga and Mega Drive, it’s a musical journey and experience you shouldn’t miss by any means!

Mar 112013

Hell-o all and i hope you had a great weekend and an even better start in the new week, although i guess that’s pretty impossible… Anyway, as usual Monday finds us all back on duty and for my part i am going to make your Monday get a bit better with my posts and the killer tunes i have lined for you today! I’ll get started with some frsh blood and a somewhat slower track but one that is really great imo as Jaypeau and toeandknee have done a really amazing job capturing the 80’s feeling in this track titled “Thrasher”. The track was conceived as idea and written in the span of 90 minutes while watching the movie “Thrashin” (a classic movie for any who haven’t watched it) and apparently a video for it will follow soon as well. 80’s outrun electro spiced up with some pretty nice guitars and a great track to open with. Check it out!