Jan 122017

Coming straight from the future (the exact year of release isn’t known to us) and right into you speakers here’s Lazerdics Records‘ recent compilation “Future Dark Club” Volume 1. Including 12 original songs from some artists you probably are (very) familiar with (Lazerhawk, Dance With The Dead) and some you might not have heard of before, the team over at Lazerdics has put together a nice collection of mainly Synthwave music from artists from around the globe. And as one might expect from such compilations the influences may vary when you have 12 different artists contributing with original music, as is the case with “Future Dark Club” too. From House (“Punkfunk“) to Metal (“The Man Who Made a Monster“) and even more Techno (“Guilty“) the different influences are quite obvious, yet the overall feel remains “retro” and a Synthwave musical identity has been maintained throughout the compilation which is often a much harder task than one might imagine given the number or different artists featured on such compilations. Yet, it appears the people over at Lazerdics Records succesfully remained in control of the final result and didn’t lose track of what they initially set out to do with this release, so here’s a thumb up from us to them. Highlights and personal favorites go to Lazerhawk and Dance With The Dead for “Wrong Side Of Town” and “The Man Who Made a Monster” respectively, as well as Niky Nine for “Exhausted Divinity“. But we would highly recommend to check out the full release anyway.



  1. […] the album is “The Man Who Made A Monster”, a song which was also featured on the “Future Dark Club” compilation recently released on Lazerdiscs Records. We could really go on forever talking […]