Jan 062017

UK based artist Occams Laser returns on Metalectro once more with his most recent EP “Flagellation” and well, all Synthwave / Dark Synth fans should be getting quite used to hearing his music and seeing his name around by now as he continues to constantly deliver new music. “Flagellation” was out last November including 6 new original songs and adds another chapter on the artist’s ongoing exploration of dark religious themes and concepts. Well, not that we are big on any kind, sort or type of religion here but we can certainly appreciate artists who have a concept and develop a story through their music, something that Occams Laser has been doing very succesfully. From the artworks to the themes and of course the music itself which creates the perfect atmosphere for the artist to develop a narrative, as if each new song and/or album is a new entry in the artist’s very own audio-bible, everything appears to be very well thought of and naturaly flowing. The six new songs on “Flagellation” are complimenting each other and create the essential dynamics that are needed to make an album work as a whole, adding the necessary variety between slower and more atmosperic parts or faster and harder ones. A highly enjoyable EP that definitely deserves a few (hundred) listens at the very least and if you enjoy dark themes and retro-synth sounds then all the better for you.