Jan 272017

Metalheads and Synthwavers rejoice! Long time Metalectro favorite duo and regular Electronic headbangerz Dance With The Dead are back with a new album. “B-Sides” Volume 1 includes 15 previously unreleased originals by the duo (as the title suggests) but don’t let the title fool you because Dance With The Dead are delivering some grade-A material right here, full of their characteristic brand of dark Synthwave for which they are known and loved for. Influenced by 80’s horror to 80’s Thrash Metal, as one would normally expect by Dance With The Dead, at least with their previously recorded/older material (and we’re not trying to predict or imply anything by saying that – just to be crystal clear) the tone is set right from the Continue reading »

Jan 122017

Coming straight from the future (the exact year of release isn’t known to us) and right into you speakers here’s Lazerdics Records‘ recent compilation “Future Dark Club” Volume 1. Including 12 original songs from some artists you probably are (very) familiar with (Lazerhawk, Dance With The Dead) and some you might not have heard of before, the team over at Lazerdics has put together a nice collection of mainly Synthwave music from artists from around the globe. And as one might expect from such compilations the influences may vary when you have 12 different artists contributing with original music, as is the case with “Future Dark Club” too. From House (“Punkfunk“) to Metal (“The Man Who Made a Monster“) and even Continue reading »

Dec 172014

Hell-o all and it’s time our daily dose of dark and heavy Electronic music even if our opening post might not be as heavy and bassy as usually but what it lacks in filth makes up for with great dark synthwave atmosphere and 80’s sound reinforced with some lovely guitars. Yeah it’s Dance With The Dead, a name that has been featured here a few times in the past, with a new track and if you are fans of the style and sound you have to love these guys. Taken from their new “Send The Signal” EP that was out yesterday, “Poison” is our track of choice for today and not because we didn’t like the other tracks of the release but just because we liked this one even more. A great track that we definitely enjoyed a lot so here it is. Make sure to check it out as well as full “Send The Signal” EP as well!

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Nov 052013

Hell-o and we hope you all had a great Halloween and a huge weekend! A bit of a late start inthe week for us in terms of blogging as we didn’t make it to post anything yesterday but we are here now and ready to deliver some killer electro sounds and bass music of all kinds! So lets get things started with something rather dark and atmospheric, you might even say a perfect post-Halloween opening post that brings back on Metalectro Dance With The Dead, who have been featured here once before as Jaypeau. Dance With The Dead is the new project name of the music duo consisting of J. Pointer (Jaypeau) and T. Kim who had their LP “Out Of Body” out about a week ago. A  nice dark and rather hard 80’s sounding electro LP including 15 tracks, out of which i have selected my favorite ones to post here. They should give you a pretty  good idea what to expect from Dance With The Dead, so check them out!

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