Jan 022017

Continuing our exploration of the deep dark cyberspace with an EP by an artist who only recently came into our attention but we’re getting to love more and more on a daily basis. A Synthwave / Cyberpunk visionary, Powercyan‘s “Cybernation” EP was (self) released back in September and is combining all those retrofuturistic elements we love with dark and gritty cyberpunk aesthetics and even spices them up with some rock/metal guitars as you can hear on tracks like “Law Of One” (big favorite over here) or “Cybernation”. Of course, even though Powercyan prefers to usually stay on the darker side of Synthwave and not move towards a more Synthpop direction, his influences vary quite a bit and even include more house-y parts (i.e “Galactic Dawn”) which are of course incorporated with the rest of his influences and music in a way that don’t stand out or feel out of place at any point. Overall a very nice EP that shows maturity and creativity by an artist trying to define his own characteristic style and sound and succeeding for the bigger part. We’ll be definitely looking forward to hearing more by Powercyan but for now here comes “Cybernation”. Enjoy!