Jan 092017

Starting the new week with some fresh new music (from each and every aspect you wanna look at it). Assalm (meaning whale) had his debut LP released on JST Records a month ago and since then the French artist always seems to find his way on our playlists one way or the other. Something that becomes easier of course by the fact that Assalm‘s music is diverse, fresh and combines elements from a number of different music styles/genres. “Rivera” LP, which comes with 9 original songs, is a very unique and rare mix of (dark) Electronica, Techno, Trap and even Darkwave/Darksynth (i.e. “Cavalry”). But Assalm‘s debut is more than a just melting pot of different influences. Well thought of and nicely put together, these elements come together in a way that makes “Rivera” one of those rare finds and “fresh” albums you won’t come accross that often, especially from new artists. Deep, dark and even playful at times, the album as a whole has a very atmospheric (almost cinematic) feel but don’t let that mislead you into thinking it lacks power (or bass for that matter). As the artist makes clear on his Facebook page, his music is all about transpoting the listener to an imaginary word and well, if anything we have to admit his debut album proves he’s perfectly capable of doing that while at the same time writting some original and fresh Electronic music that stands out for its authenticity and character. We’ll be definitely looking forward to hearing Assalm‘s follow up releases but for now hit play and let “Rivera” take you in a deep, dark (probably undwerwater – but you let your own imagination guide you) world.