Jan 092017

Starting the new week with some fresh new music (from each and every aspect you wanna look at it). Assalm (meaning whale) had his debut LP released on JST Records a month ago and since then the French artist always seems to find his way on our playlists one way or the other. Something that becomes easier of course by the fact that Assalm‘s music is diverse, fresh and combines elements from a number of different music styles/genres. “Rivera” LP, which comes with 9 original songs, is a very unique and rare mix of (dark) Electronica, Techno, Trap and even Darkwave/Darksynth (i.e. “Cavalry”). But Assalm‘s debut is more than a just melting pot of different influences. Well thought of and nicely put together, these elements come together in a way that makes “Rivera” one of those Continue reading »

Feb 202015

Starting the day with a new release and we go straight to “dirty” mode as finally Dirtyphonics have made their comeback with a new release. Some of you might remember featuring their track “Power” (feat. Matt Rose) here a few months ago which made it clear that some new Dirtyphonics material was on the way, after quite some time. And finally the new EP has been released on Dim Mak Records a few days ago, including “Power” as well as three more original tracks. All four tracks on the EP are collaborations, with Matt Rose lending his voice on one more track. As for the other names appearing on Dirtyphonics‘ “Write The Future”, UZ, Trinidad Jame$, 12th Planet and Julie Hardy have all contributed to the new “dirty” EP. Great production and the sound we know and love by Dirtyphonics and despite maybe being slightly on the softer side than previous releases, admittedly this is a release of great overall quality, even if we’re not big fans of Dirtyphonics going Trap. Definitely one to check out, whether you’re a long term “dirty” fan or not. Continue reading »