Feb 202017

Been a while since we had an all out Drum & Bass release that we really enjoyed throughout to write about but when a new Blackout Music single is waiting in your inbox that has to be a good sign. Besides, it’s no secret and everyone who’s been following the blog for a while now should already know we’ve always enjoyed most music coming by the Netherlands based heavyhitter label, even more so when it comes from the label bosses Black Sun Empire. And as interesting and exciting it is to finally have some new music by the trio to writte about, things get even better when you realise that their new single features also Noisia Continue reading »

Jun 172016

Next up we have something huge coming and well, how could it not be huge when it’s a compilation album celebrating three years of Blackout Music? Yeah, you read that right, a remix album consisting of Blackout artists remixing other Blackout artists and we could stop writting right at this point since you know this is going to be a face melt. And if you are not convinced just take a look at the track list, where some of the hottest Drum And Bass artists come together to remix each other (Black Sun Empire, Pythius, Telekinesis, Neonlight, State Of Mind and the list goes on). Out on June 17 this is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most highly anticipated releases of the year since all tracks are… well, to put it simply “fire”. Non-stop energy and bass which we guarantee will squeeze your brain and hit you in the face so hard that you won’t be able to stop moving. Should we even say “check it out”? We shouldn’t have to so just press play. Continue reading »

Feb 272015

For those of you who enjoy your Drum & Bass big bad and well, black, we have an upcoming release to start the day with which should excite your ears just like it did ours. The Telekinisis new EP is coming on Black Sun Empire‘s very own Blackout Music on March 8th and the first tracks from the 5 track EP have gone public on Soundcloud, giving us a first taste of what the Slovenian duo’s new EP will sound like. And let us tell you that juddging by the two tracks we have heard already “Fight Club” EP is one to look forward to,especially  if you like super energised, high octane Drum & Bass. Classic “blackout” sound, production standard and overall quality once more by the Netherlands based label. Telekinetics and fans of blackness rejoice! Continue reading »

Dec 082014

And since we started the day with some powerfull and pretty heavy tunes let’s keep the power flowing but pick up the tempo a bit with a new collaboration track by Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind and normally having these two names in the same sentence, let alone track title, should be more than enough to know what’s coming. Drum N Bass of the highest and filthiest caliber and “Ego” is no exception. Released on Blackout Music just yesterday “Ego” is a 6 minute long non-stop moving experience like one would expect by the two artists and one more Drum N Bass gem to be added both to the artists’ and Blackout Music‘s catalogue and definitely a track all those who enjoy hard and super energised Electronic music should check out. So here it is, crank it up, hit play and let the whole neighbourhood feel the boost, bass and power!

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Nov 112014

This isn’t a new but an upcoming release and some fresh blood to make your blood boil and ears bleed! Bass overdose by the first (but we are sure not the last) time featured on Metalectro Pythius and a call to arms for all bassheads and Drum & Bass fans, with the signature of Black Sun Empire and Blackout Music and for those of you familiar with these names you should have a pretty good idea of what’s coming. For the rest, simply prepare to get blown away! Pythius new EP “Abandon” is set up for release on Nobember 17th with 5 tracks, also including a collaboration with label bosses Black Sun Empire. Two full tracks have already been made available for public streaming and we really couldn’t wait to feature them here. The EP title track “Abandon”, which is a bass monster which will devour your eardrums (and your neighboor’s too) as well as the collaboration with Black Sun Empire, titled “Desert Sand”. It is “Abandon” that really deserves all the focus and attention it can get though and trust us, it will get your attention as soon as you hit play. Just make sure you crank the volume up to appropriate loudness levels because such track must be played loud at all times. Check out the 2 tracks Pythius‘ upcoming “Abandon” EP and stay tuned for the release!

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