May 272016

Andreas Rund is a name we only came accross very recently (as in about a couple of weeks ago) and istantly fell in love with his deep and dark music. Taking a closer and more careful look of course we realised the Czech Republic producer wasn’t as “new” as we initially thought. Formerly know as Atrey, the artist has gone through a complete transformation (this isn’t just a cheap and quick paintjob) and it’s definitely a very interesing one too. Released via Owl Vision‘s imprint Comorbid Records, “Gemini” is Andreas Rund‘s first EP under his new alias. Three original tracks moving somewhere between dark Electronica, House and even darker Techno with a clean, deep yet heavy sound this is definitely a debut that sets the bar pretty high for Andreas Rund and can be enjoyed both in a club with some early morning “burnout” sessions or at home. We will definitely be keeping an eye and ear out for Andreas Rund in the future but for now we’re just going to leave you check out his debut EP “Gemini”.