Jun 072016

The summer is officially here and what better way to get it under way than with some brand new F.O.O.L music? It had been a while since we heard anything new from the Swedish producer, leading us to think that F.O.O.L might be coming to an end but boy aren’t we happy to be wrong? “Showdown” was out just yesterday on Monstercat and despite it’s more summery feel and funkier vibe it definitely is the kind of track one would expect by F.O.O.L. Classic F.O.O.L melodies and sound, simply dressed up more for the occassion (being no other than the start of the summer). Maybe more reminiscent of French Electro acts like Daft Punk and Justice at points (but then again who isn’t?) F.O.O.L has shifted from the darker and overall melancholic feel to more “airy” and uplifting ones in “Showdown” and it actually works great in terms of giving a fresh tone to the track. Still though it remains an instantly recognisable F.O.O.L track and all those who love the Swedish artist’s previous music should enjoy this one too.