Nov 032016

occams-laserHailing from Isle Of White (you don’t hear this everyday in the Electronic music scene) Occams Laser is a dark Synthwave machine who keeps producing albums non-stop, so let’s devote some of our time to his music like he has devoted endless hours producing 4 LPs (alongside 3 EPS in case the LPs aren’t enough) during the last year only. Impressive? Well, certainly yes but not as impressive as his music. Following in the footsteps of artists like Carpenter Brut, Perturbator and Gost, Occams Laser‘s music is hard, as it is dark and heavy. Heavily influenced by the sounds of the 80’s his brand of aggressive and theme based “in your face” dark Synthwave will definitely leave you wanting more and “Purgatory” LP (released a month ago) is the perfect introduction to his music. Continue reading »

Nov 062014

Speaking about good remixes in the last post, how about our undisputed king of darkness remix of the day next? Well, those of you familiar with the names mentioned in the track and post title really or frequent followers of Metalectro should know what’s coming without even reading any further as if there is one thing we can be absolutely certain of is that when Gost is remixing Carpenter Brut the result can be nothing less than evil dark and brutal sounding 80s synthwave with a trashy edge. And that’s exactly what the remix Gost did on “Roller Mobster” sounds like as well. Out on Blood Music as a special Halloween treat on October 31 these two definitely haven’t heard of the “trick or treat” tradition since there is no room for tricks left here. Full power and distortion and the only thing missing really is some more music with these two artists collaborating or remixing each other, but we are pretty sure it won’t be long before we are to face to face with some more electronic terror coming by them. So, here’s “Roller Mobster”, Gost style and our remix of the day, so check it out, go grab your copy from Bandcamp and let all digital hell break loose!

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Nov 052014

When talking about great new releases it would be a sin not to spend some time talking about Dizkodeath‘s debut album “Raw”. Out on Jet Set Trash, “Raw” is definitely a long awaited and anticipated LP and it was worth the wait by all means! The German artist had been already leaving very good impressions and therefore had our support on this blog since the very early days and his “Fear” Free EP (which was a Metalectro Exclusive Free EP) but he has certainly grown a lot since then in every way an artist should. Since then he has evolved his style into a hard Electro – Indie Dance kind of mix, influenced heavily by Justice and the hard French Electro scene with a Punk Rock edge and attitude and a Disco groove (see “Over” feat. Dana Jean Phoenix). His 4 lead singles “Revolver”, “Wizard”, “Vendetta” and “Orchid” released over the last 12 months with some big remixes definitely attracted quite a bit of attention on the up & coming and super talented artist and he in his turn didn’t fail to deliver and keep impressing with his LP. “Raw” includes 8 new and previously unheard original tracks and really there is not one boring second throughout the whole album. Definitely an LP that packs a lot of inspiration, as well as raw power and style, especially in an era that the Electronic music world is plagued by a soulless cookie cutter ‘sample library’ mentality that leaves a little to no room for creativity. Dizkodeath just doesn’t care to follow any of that mentality and that’s another plus for the artist to be added on top of the already huge “Raw” LP. Simply put, all fans of hard electronic music should listen to this album!

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Sep 222014

Another great Electro that hit the stores last week comes by a German artist who goes by the name Dizkodeath. Of course, those who have been checking and following this space are probably aware of the name and the music that follows since Dizkodeath is far from a stranger on this blog. His 4th single release, titled “Orchid” was out last Monday on JST Records and if you have checked the previous 3 singles from Dizkodeath‘s upcoming album “Raw” then you have to agree on 2 things. First that this is an excellent follow up single (something in which both the origina and the great remixes by Gost, Christine and Perturbator have contributed towards) and second that Dizkodeath‘s album “Raw” is going to be one of the biggest albums released in 2014 for all fans of the hard, dark and in this specific case pretty damn groovy Electro. So, check out “Orchid” and stay tuned for more Dizkodeath!

Feb 182014

Hell-o all and it’s that time of the day once again, the time to let the heavy bass lose upon you and the world so boys and girls, if you’re reading this fasten your seatbelts and get ready for take off because today it’s going to be a nasty and bouncy ride! And getting dark and heavy right from the start here comes Gost with his debut self-titled EP and those of you familiar with the name, know what’s coming next. Out on Girlfriend Records this 5 original track EP is rowdy, loud, dark and as heavy as it gets. 80’s electro, horror movie influences, and some of the best heavy bass, full sounding trashed up synthwave you have ever heard is what you’re gonna get from Gost so for those not familiar with his work, sit back and enjoy the ride! We certainly did!