Jun 152016

Following some consecutive “fresh blood” posts and music by artists we only came accross recently for the first time, it’s finally time to get back to some old nasties and bass maestros. Besides, you know that when Mähtrasher Records regulars aUtOdiDakT, Kroyclub, YOL (Your Ol’ Lady) and Trumpdisco come together to form “Team Bass” good things are about to happen. Five collaboration originals by the four artists who once again delivered a monster bass Electro release, like one would expect by them but then again what were the odds they wouldn’t? For those long time fans of “Team Bass” you might get surprised by the inclusion of a Trap track as well on the release, although to give credits where due, it’s not the usual generic Trap and it still maintains the character and sound which defines the label and artists. Good stuff no doubt, especially when good heavy Electro is getting so hard to come by nowadays. And while Europe is cheering for their favorite football national teams these days we’ll stick to our own passion and cheer for our favorite team. Bring it home “Team Bass”!