Jun 092016

Bringing out the heavy stuff today with a new Dubstep release from Architekt and Impossible Records so prepare to get loud boys and girls! Hailing from Philadelphia (USA), Architekt is a name that we came accross only days ago with his “Deadly Styles” EP. Previously featured on other Impossible Records releases as a remixer it was about time for Architekt to take main stage with his new EP and that’s exactly what he did. 5 original Dubstep tracks, although only the 2 of them have been made available on Soundcloud for the time being, with the self-titled EP track “Deadly Styles” (a collaboration with label boss KJ Sawka and also featuring Messinian on vocals) being the highlight of the release. Extra points to Architekt for his love of heavy guitars too (what can I say, we like our guitars). Definitely Architekt‘s finest work up to date and an EP to check out if you’re after some heavy bass and some Dubstep that doesn’t feel “forced”.