Feb 212012

I’ll continue with another new release next and as some of you might have seen or heard i recently put together a compilation, released on Jet Set Trash a f ew days ago. The “Monsters Attack” series of compilations will bring you some of the heaviest and loudest hard electro/electro house tracks available. All volumes will be compiled by me (Zak) and hopefully this series of compilations will make you dance & bang until your ears are bleeding, feet are hurting and necks are sore. Each volume will come with 10 tracks and a monsterous roar! Check out “Monsters Attack” Vol.01, featuring tracks by V&ZNΛTION, The Destroy Squad, Leiden, Rubber Spanner, Albion, Midnight Wolf, Electrofixed, AZA3L and Noisepill! Check it and stay tuned for more!!!