Nov 092011

Well, i have been going through all the tracks submitted in the Metalectro Vol.02 Cpmpetition Soundcloud Group over the last couple of days, trying to pick my 15 favorite tracks that will be my final picks to amke it into the Metalectro VOl.02 Compilation and i have to admit this is being a very pleasant headache! I have managed to narrow it down to around 25 tracks until now but it really seems very hard to drop 15 tracks out of these 25! So i had a little chat with Jet Set Trash and we decided to actually have 20 tracks in the final relee instead of 10! Way too many great tracks and great ideas so it feels like the right thing to do. Of course, this means that there will not be a voting process, as there is no need to to pick the 10 most popular tracks out the 15 the judges will pick anymore… So, all the 15 tracks picked by all 4 judges will all be included in the final compilation and Metralectro, meaning me, with Jet Set Trash select the 5 extra tracks to be in Metlaectro Vol02! A change of plan indeed but a good one imo that will unleash even more good tracks onto the world, so i hope that doesn’t sound bad or unfair to you either… Thank you all and have a nice evening!