Mar 252013

Q.G. - Necronomicon [Free Remixes]_CoverLike i previously mentioned i was saving a free EP for last and for those of you who’ve been following the blog on a regular basis, you probably knew this was coming as we announced we’d be giving the 3 runners up remixes plus a 4th Metalectro pick from the Q.G. “Necronomicon” Remix Contest we ran last month with Dga Fau Records as a free remixes EP. In case you missed thatthough there is no reason to worry of feel left out since all you need to know is here as are the 4 remixes by The Dirty Squirrels, Laforcah, DJ NonEq and Macrowave. 4 remixes that could all have been among the winners since they all sound great imo. Still some had to be left out from the official “Necronomicon” EP release though. So check them all out, grab the full EP here and have a great evening!

Q.G. “Necronomicon” (The Dirty Squirrels Remix) [Download]


Q.G. “Necronomicon” (Laforcah Remix) [Download]


Q.G. “Necronomicon” (DJ NonEq Remix) [Download]


Q.G. “Necronomicon” (Macrowave Remix) [Download]