Jul 312012

To be honest i got somehow stuck writing, after a good start i´m running out of ideas and energy, meanwhile my writing mood has declined and i´m not a hundred percent sure yet if i´ll make it up to five posts today, but give it a try by all means… Anyway, this one has to and will be finished for sure, so let´s focus on it! It´s the latest EP by Megastrom that has been released last Friday on Freakz Me Out Records and features exclusively originals, three to be precisely named “Saturn”, “Phonos” and the same-titled “Amazing” and yeah, sounds altogether like a pretty good and well produced release if asking me, electro house but not in a cheesy way, one track also a bit harder, so give it a listen!!!

Megastrom – Amazing

Megastrom – Phonos

Megastrom – “Saturn”