Feb 172012

As i´ve been to Who´s BADD? last week in Strasbourg i´ll now come up with a little review for you. First to mention is that it has probably been one of the coldest evening/nights i´ve experienced during the whole damn winter, but i think i took the best decision then in proceeding toward the place where digital hell was suposed to take place this night!
Therefore i traveled to Strasbourg to hear and experience an infernal night of hard, destructive electro. The venue where everything happened was actually more a small club/bar called L´Entrepôt. A pretty comfortable place with a nice interior and especially cool and kind staff and owner. Supported by Cover Your Face Crew the party started at around 10pm . First the music was a little bit too clubby or big beat related for my taste, but luckily Cover Your Face Crew soon started to advance and to drop the harder stuff as well! That’s when finally, and i must confess due to significantly large amounts alcohol consumption i had kind of lost track of the time, Hantise started to perform. The hometown boys from Strasbourg captivated the crowd at once playing nasty and trashy electro. From their remix of Anthony F´s “D.I.E.”, across The Bloody Beetroots, Fukkk Offf, Roevy, Q.G. , ValyMo, to their own track “Despotic Freak Show” – they covered really almost everything a hard electro lover could expect! I think they performed at least 1,5 hours, maybe longer, having a look at the time was unimportant anyway.
Directly after Hantise´s set the Killer King himself, WASA3I started to play his infernal set. As being an eyecatcher and equipped with his new mask, he nailed down everybody´s attention anyway but most impressive was the way he enforced his evil musical spell upon the crowd. Definitely a great performer and a dj who’s suprisingly eclectic!
The tracks he chose covered a wide range from his own releases like “Killer King” ,which was of course the opening track, to Audiomachine (Access Denied Remix), Wolfgang Gartner, Knife Party, Redial and to Metallica´s “And Justice For All”, the last track of his set. The transitions from track to track speak volumes for his skills, i remember, or better said i luckily wrote it down, he dropped Haezer´s “Joey Bloom” directly after the remix of Dead Cat Bounce´s & You Killing Me´s “Justice” by A.G. Trio. Two of my favourites, but also quite different tracks, and i suppose not easy to mix, therefore big ups!
Overall a perfect evening for me in a every respect, both Hantise and WASA3I satisfied all my expectations and i highly recommend each of them performing live! Even better of course seeing them both in one evening! Again a huge thanks to everybody who was involved in this apocalyptic-awesome evening, it was a fucking blast!!!