Apr 142012

This will be my last post for today and since yesterday was Friday the 13th the series of the cursed mixtapes goes on and of course i have another monthly mixtape by KP†RKRNK for you, even if it comes one day later than it was supposed to. Those of you who are already familiar with KP†RKRNK´s mixtapes know what to expect, those who aren´t yet should start by now in checking this one as it is one more 50 minutes freebie full of banging electro  & filthy guitar riffs, this time featuring Gör FLsh, FetOo, Dj Antention, Rocket and Prog3kt Mayh3m just to name a few of them! A good post to close the day and to get prepared for a saturday evening imo, so crank up your speakers, enjoy this “Unlucky MixXxtape Vol.05and have  a nice weekend!!!

Track list:
01. AC/DC - Thunderstruck (S*X Remix)
02. Gor flsh - Grindclub (Sawagii Metal Reboot)
03. FetOo - Elenin
04. Overbolds - Guitar Commando
05. Duel of the Fates - (Dead CAT Bounce & The Noisy Freaks Remix)
06. Dj Antention - Intoxicated
07. Kroyclub - Drama Queen
09. Q.G. - Six Feet Under
10. Rocket - Ominous Prelude
11. Prog3kt Mayh3m - Animal Instinct
12. Hantise - Despotic Freak Show (F.O.O.L Remix)
13. Kesek - Plutonium (Tits & Clits Remix)